Swim Team Jobs

Our team runs on volunteers… and we need everyone’s participation to run our meets and our team.

Each family is required to fulfill their job requirement during the season according to the chart below. Please note that families do not have the option to “pay” in lieu of completing their job requirements.  However, if you need to find a replacement worker, that maybe a possibility.  http://ywst.org/club/workers/ will allow you to find (or register as) a replacement worker.

There are lots of opportunities to help and we can help you figure out what works best.

New families 5 jobs 1 job
One Swimmer – Returning Family 6 jobs 2 jobs
Two or More Swimmers – Returning Family 8 jobs 2 jobs
15-18 Swimmer 3 total jobs

**Two-day meets include Pentathalon, Crossings/Woodlands, and City Meet

Some available jobs include timers, runners, and snack shack (at home meets).   In order to sign up for jobs, you will select the job to work on TeamUnify using your login.  Click here to see all the events and click on Job Signup to select your jobs.

You will see people working the meet in jobs that aren’t listed on TeamUnify.  These jobs are specialized, such as  stroke and turn and desk workers.  If you are interested in working one of these jobs, please contact dir@ywst.org.

It takes lots of parent-power to organize and run all the swim season events for our children. Please give freely of your time and talents to the team, above the basic job requirement if possible. If you can help on any event or outing, please talk with a Board Member.

Finally, if you have circumstances that make it very difficult for you to work your jobs, please let us know at dir@ywst.org.

Sign In / Out

We are a recreational swim team, and completely understand that families have other events happening through the season.  Most families miss meets – we only ask that you let us know.

We will assume you WILL ATTEND all of our DUAL MEETS (these are the ones that list YWST and another team.)  There is no cost to attending these, but we want to know if you CAN NOT attend them in advance.  The deadline for Wednesday meetings in Sunday evening and for Saturday meets, the deadline is Wednesday evening.

For larger, invitational meet (where there is a charge to attend), we will assume you WILL NOT ATTEND unless you sign IN.  The deadline vary by meet and in some cases is 3-weeks in advance of the meet.  You account will be charged for these meets (unless you pre-paid for the invitational meets), and once we’ve paid your entry fee, we can’t refund if you later cancel.

Commitments can be found on the same page as the Job Signup.  Click here to edit your commitment.