Swim Team Jobs

Our team runs on volunteers and everyone’s participation is mecessary to run our meets and our team.  Each family is required to fulfill their job requirement during the season.

  • Families with multiple swimmers: 18 points
  • Families with single swimmers: 14 points
  • New families with multiple swimmers: 14 points
  • New families with single swimmers: 10 points
  • Families with 15-18 only swimmers: 8 points

Jobs are 1-2 points each and each family must work at least one “special meet.” Jobs are listed on the website and explained in more detail starting on page 22 of this handbook. All jobs will be locked on May 15. If you have not signed up for jobs as of May 15, you will receive a message and you will be asked to complete sign-ups for jobs by May 20. If you do not sign up for jobs by May 20 you will then be charged for your unfilled jobs. So, it’s best to sign up for your jobs early. Once the jobs are locked, families are responsible for the jobs that they have signed up for. If there is a need to change any of the jobs that have been committed to the family is responsible for finding a replacement.

Once the family has secured a replacement, they need to email the jobs coordinator ([email protected]) with their replacement. The original family name will remain in place for the job and if the 3 replacement family does not complete the job the original family will be charged for the missed job. The jobs coordinator will not be able to assist in finding a replacement for your job. The fee charged for a missed job is $50. If a family does not complete the assigned point total for the season they will be charged $50 per 2 points that were not completed for the season.

Keep in mind that the running of swim team is all based on parent volunteers! Every family should consider their “job requirement” as their basic commitment to the team. It takes lots of parent-power to organize and run all the swim season events for our children. Please give freely of your time and talents to the team, above the basic job requirement if possible. If you can help on any event or outing, please talk with a Board Member – your help would be greatly appreciated!

Sign up HERE for Swim Team Jobs.