Thank you for your interest in joining Ygnacio Wood Swim Team.  Registration for the team is currently closed for new families.  We are maintaining a waitlist for team sign-ups should a space open up.  Please click the join waitlist link below to fill out the waitlist form.  We will reach out as soon as possible to discuss opportunities.

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Swim Team Fees & Registration

Swim Team Fees (must also include a club membership below)

In addition to swim team fees, each family is responsible for;

  • Swim team work points during team activities meets (requirements for swim team points may be found here)

  • $250 of fundraising (opportunity details coming soon)

  • Splash fees for the Devil Mountain Pentathlon, Woodlands Invitational and/or Crossings Challenge (these events are optional).  On average, splash fees for each of these meets are about $30 per swimmer.  Please note - Splash fees for Concord City Swim Meet and the County meet are included with your swim meet fees.


Membership Type 2022 Rate Change from 2021
First 14-Under Swimmer $425 No Change
Second 14-Under Swimmer $375 No Change
Third 14-Under Swimmer $325 No Change
Fourth 14-Under Swimmer $275 No Change
15-18 Swimmer (Includes full club membership for individual) $250 $50 Decrease
Family Fundraising Requirement $250 $50 Increase



Swim Club Fees

In addition to swim club fees, each family is responsible for;

  • Four work hours during the scheduled work parties.  If you do not complete your full work hours by the end of the 2022 season, a $150 charge will be applied to your account on November 1.

Membership Type 2022 Rate Change from 2021
Full Club Membership $575 $25 Increase
Full Club Membership for New Families $475 $25 Increase
Full Club Membership - Senior 62+ (Includes guest privelages) $325 $25 Increase
Associate Club Membership (Team activities access only) $475 $25 Increase


If you're new to Ygnacio Wood, this whole "swim team" thing may seem confusing and overwhelming.  Or, maybe you need a refresher on what the summer may look like for your family?  If so, download our new parent handbook here:
Note - The family member responsible for payment and receiving key communications should be entered as the 'Primary Member'.  When regitering for a club membership, all other household members (including nannies), should be entered as 'Secondary Members'.  Any team member registered to an age group will be considered a secondary member.  Club and team membership invoices will be emailed to the Primary Member only.