2018, 2019, 2020 FCSL Champion
 2017 (AA), 2018 (AAA) CASL Champion    2019 CASL AAAA Runner Up 

Important Messages

We hope that everyone is safe and well.  We wanted to take a moment to say huge thank you for your patience as we have worked to plan this winter swim season.  Living in a time that presents many unknowns is no easy task.  We recognize that the support of our families is crucial in having a successful club, and we are very thankful to have such an amazing group of parents who are committed to our swim club family.  


At this time, our winter registration has closed. Due to distancing guidelines and location restrictions, we have had to limit the number of participants, but continue to look for ways to include more swimmers.  Updated information will be provided to members as it becomes available.  With all of the changes, we know this fit is not for everyone, but we appreciate your continued dedication to Bobcat Swim Club. 


Practice groups based on swimmer needs, practice location, and coaching availability are currently in the works. This information will be communicated to families in the very near future.  Please feel free to reach out to Coach Lyndsay with any questions you may have in regard to your swimmer.  Additionally, please feel free to contact board members if there is anything with which we can assist your family.

We thank you for your continued support. Go Bobcats!

Practice Schedules 

​Week of: 1/18/2021

Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
MS 5:00-6:15 5:00-6:15 5:00-6:15 no practice 5:00-6:15
LAF-A 6:30-7:30 6:45-7:30 6:30-7:30 6:45-7:30 6:30-7:30
LAF-B 7:30-8:30 7:30-8:30 7:30-8:30 7:30-8:30 6:30-7:30


Bobcat Swim Club 300 High Street
Manchester, PA 17345