Swim Lessons FAQ

How long is the class?
Classes will run for 45-60 minutes Monday through Thursday for two consecutive weeks. 

Will my child wear a floatation device?
Your child will NOT wear a floatation device.  Your child will not always have a floatation device on while around water and we do not want them to fall or jump into the water and not know how to save themselves.  

How is the class structured?
Our classes have a very specific set of steps and techniques that must follow a certain progression for us to get your child across the pool on his or her own in two weeks.  We will keep moving.  Your time, money, and most importantly your child’s safety is too important for us to do otherwise.  

Do I get in the water?
No, you will be in the bleacher area or lobby.  We would actually get less done, especially with the very young children, if you were more present than that. However, if you get your child in the water somewhere else during the two week period that would be great.  But do not push; we will do that here.  You just let them have fun and reinforce that aspect of acclimation.  

What if my child is upset?
If you have a beginner (any age) but especially 5 and under, there will be resistance. Expect that and remind yourself how important it is for your child to learn to swim. The younger they are the more they depend on fussing to get their point across.  We will work with that.  They will fuss about being away from you, being with a stranger, or just about not wanting to do what they are being told even before the natural fear level kicks in.  For most of them this is when they will learn that you do some things even if you do not want to.  However, they will come out of it stronger, more self confident, and most importantly safer than when they began.  

What if my child does not want to come back?
Drowning is the leading cause of unexpected death for 5 and unders in this country. That may sound harsh, but it is true.  It is a very real threat that we are looking to minimize by getting the children safer in the water.  A normal kid, a normal adult, is going to have to face and conquer fear.  When there is an imminent threat, we need to work through it now.  We will work with that.  You work on being resolute at home that lessons will continue until your child is safe.  It is absolutely normal for this to be harder on a Mom or Dad than the little ones that we are empowering.  Remember this, it will not be easier next year and every year older without getting safe in the water increases the resistance and fear level.  Stick with it – you will be glad you did!!

I can’t make my registered time this Wednesday.  Can I come to a different time that day?
No, sorry.  The only time we will do a make-up is if for some reason the pool is closed on a particular day.  Once the classes are set, that is it.  We will not put unfamiliar children in your child’s small class and will not do that the other way around.

If my child has a cold and cannot make it for a day, can I make that class up?
No, sorry.  See above.   

How young do you take them?
The children should be at least 3 and if they are not potty trained he/she MUST be in a swim diaper.  We will not allow a child in the pool if he/she is wearing a regular  diaper.

Are swim shirts allowed?
Swim shirts are allowed, but not recommended.  They tend to make the children colder and can impede on their learning once they start doing arm strokes.  

Are goggles allowed?
Yes, they are allowed, but we will not provide goggles.       
Contact Information:
Lyndsay Schaeberle
[email protected]
Pool Phone:  717 266 1296
NESD, 41 Harding Street, Manchester, PA 17345
717 266 3667