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The Arctic Sharks Swim team meets at the KC Pool, 10110 Shoreview Road, Dallas, 75238.

2020 - 2021 Levels

This year, we have two levels to meet your swimmer's needs:

  • Beginner Arctic Sharks - Beginning or younger swimmers usually 8 and under
  • Advanced/Intermediate Arctic Sharks - More experienced or older swimmers usually 9 and over

2020 - 2021 Pricing

  • Beginner - $80 per month
  • Advanced/Intermediate - $80 per month
  • $15 Registration Fee

2020 -2021 Practice Schedule

Our typical schedule  is:

  • 5:00 to 5:45 p.m. Arctic Sharks – Beginners- Generally, age 8 and under. Older swimmers with no swim team experience or knowledge of the four strokes may start in this group. May or may not have some summer team experience.
  • 5:45 to 6:45 p.m. Arctic Sharks – Advanced – Generally, age 9 and over. Generally, a stronger swimmer with some knowledge of some of the other strokes and/or has some swim team experience.
  • Saturdays - 8:00 to 9:00 Clinics (dates/times to be determined)(Check Calendar)
  • Sundays - TBA Check Calendar

2020 - 2021 Practice Groups

  • Group A- Monday / Wednesday
  • Group B – Tuesday / Thursday
  • Limit 12 Swimmers per Group
  • Cannot change Groups

All Dates and Times will be posted in the Calendar and updated through out the year.  Click Here

We occasionally need to cancel or delay practice which will be communicated through our calendar page, email, and text messaging. Our schedule is subject to change throughout the year, depending on The Bishop Lynch Swim Team Schedule and weather.

How often do we swim? 

KC Arctic Sharks have practice 4-5 days per week (typically Mon-Thursday with some Saturday Clinics).  Ideally, our swimmers attend at least twice per week, depending on their other activities, but there is no minimum or maximum. The more you swim, the better you get. The better you get, the more fit you get!

KC Swim Academy Mission Statement

To foster a respect for and love of the water by spreading awareness of the fun, fitness, and countless other tangible and intangible benefits derived from the aquatic life. To teach swimming as a healthy, relaxing, life activity, and to introduce the sport of swimming to all ages by building a foundation of good stroke technique. To develop strength, endurance, coordination, discipline, time management and teamwork skills through a rigorous, age appropriate, exercise program.


Billing and Cancellation Policy

PLEASE READ! By registering your swimmer for Arctic Sharks you acknowledge that you read and understand the Billing and Cancellation Policy.

"...you must notify us in writing by email to  [email protected] on or before the 24th of each month to avoid being billed again on the 1st of the month. Our swim cycle runs about two weeks behind the billing cycle. When you sign up in August or September, you are paying for the month running Sept 16 - Oct 15. 
This example might illustrate how it works:
You send written notice on Dec 23 that your swimmer is taking a break. We won't bill you again but remember your swimmer can still swim until Jan 15 because you paid for Dec 16 - Jan 15 on December 1. 
Key dates in the cycle:
24th of month, or earlier,  by written notice to withdraw or take a break and stop billing.
if no notice:
1st of month - Monthly fee is auto-debited from your account, which pays for:
15th or 16th of month begins swimming cycle through 16th or 17th of following month ends your swimmer's participation.
Just so everyone understands: If you give timely written notice of withdrawal, your swimmer can still swim about three more weeks (24th -15th) because you already paid for it. If your notice is on the 25th or later, you will be billed and your swimmer can swim 6 more weeks. No, we cannot make any exceptions. We don't want to charge anyone for any months that they are are not swimming but the very lenient cancellation policy (written notice no later than the 24th of the month) requires you to keep the 24th in mind and remember that your monthly tuition on the 1st actually pays for the middle of the month until the middle of the next month.