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The KayCee Pool has been home to the KC Sharks Summer Swim Team for more than 50 years. The KC Shark tradition of fun, learning, hard work, competition and, did we say FUN?- has long been one of the neighborhood's favorite summer activities for swimmers and parents. 
Sharks have gone on to swim in the U.S. Olympic Trials, the U.S. Nationals, College, and High School. Many others have discovered the fun of summer swim team with friends and the challenge of improving their swimming skills.


  •  Summer Sharks - April to June
  •  Summer Group and Private Lessons - June to July
  • Arctic Sharks - September to March
  • Fall Private Lessons - August to November

 To find more about the programs click on the links above or Contact Us with questions.


KayCee Swim Team, Adult Fitness and Lessons Resume Soon!

Registration Limited!


The KayCee has three great swimming programs that have been shut down during the pandemic. Our Adult fitness group, Kid’s Swimming Teams, and Lessons have been waiting to safely restart.

Public Health experts now believe swimming outdoors for exercise to be a very safe activity. Of course, that is true as long as safety protocols are followed. Wearing a mask from car to pool deck, touching as few surfaces as possible, sanitizing hands and surfaces regularly, practicing hygiene and social distancing, are still important safety measures.

We believe we can offer our high quality swim programs this fall, winter and spring, in a safe environment. Starting in mid-September, these programs will phase back into operation! 

Information about Kids and Adult Swimming Programs 

Information will be posted soon at kcsharks.com. Interested swimmers and parents can “Contact Us” through the website and on facebook at KC Sharks Swim Team.

Did you know the heated KayCee Pool uses a UV light system as well as chlorine to keep the pool sanitary?

We practice social distancing, and strictly limit our registration to do everything possible to keep all of us safe.

The programs we will be phasing in are:

White Rock Masters Swimmers

No particular swimming skills required beyond ability to swim. Anyone under the age of 137 is welcome! 

We help adult swimmers get fit, whether for a wedding next summer or a triathlon you’re training for. Our workouts help our swimmers improve breathing, balance and strokes, while getting fitter and faster. This is not lap swimming. This is a structured, coached, workout aimed at improving swimming knowledge, efficiency, speed and endurance!

WRMS is a member of United States Masters Swimming. Every WRMS swimmer must become a member of USMS, which is fairly cheap and offers nice benefits including secondary insurance, the USMS magazine with really good articles about swimming and training, and discounts.

At present, WRMS will resume the week of September 14. Join at any time in September. Try us out and see if you don’t feel better every day!

The calendar page at kcsharks.com will be posted soon. On that calendar you can find every WRMS practice that we host. The calendar is updated regularly and email is used to notify members of any late changes to the schedule. 

Presently, we are planning to host WRMS workouts at:

LIMIT 12 per Group.  You must swim within the Group you register for.  

5:30 a.m. Days will vary each week.  - Group A

6:30 a.m. Days will vary each week - Group B

12 noon Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - Group C


Many Weekends we will swim! We will be announcing a number of Saturday and Sunday WRMS practices. The dates for Weekend swims will be announced about a week in advance and put on the calendar at kcsharks.com. Selected Saturdays at 7 a.m. and Sundays at 1 p.m., TBA. 

Why do the weekdays vary? KayCee Club is proud to be a supporter of Bishop Lynch High School Swimming Team, and when they are practicing or have a meet, we are not able to use the pool. 

We have been doing it this way for several years now and while it sounds like it might be confusing, it really is easy with our team. 

We have a very supportive team of friendly folks and we keep each other informed and up to date. The schedule is always there on the calendar and we send email reminders about the next week or two of practice when we send out the information about weekend swims.

$70 per month plus USMS membership.


KayCee Arctic Sharks

Kids have been learning to swim, getting fit, and enjoying competition at the KayCee Pool for over 60 years. Join the fun! This is a great way to get regular exercise with a schedule to fit your swimmer’s schedule.

Arctic Shark Tryouts

Tryouts will be required of swimmers with no swim team experience. Ideally every swimmer can swim at least one length of the KayCee Pool without stopping. That said we evaluate several things during the very short tryout. 

Tryouts will be held on Wednesday and Thursday September 16th and 17th at 5:15 p.m untill 6:15 p.m.

Regular Arctic Shark workouts begin the week of Sept. 21

LIMIT 12 per Group.  You must swim within the Group you register for.  

Inexperienced raw swimmers age 8 and under who pass the tryout will practice 5:00-5:45 p.m.on either:

Monday and Wednesday - Group A Beginner

Tuesday and Thursday - Group B Beginner

Weekends TBA 

Swimmers 9 and over who are a little more advanced will practice 5:50 - 6:45 p.m on either: 

Monday and Wednesday - Group A Internediate

Tuesday and Thursday - Group B Intermediate

Some Fridays and Weekends (Saturday and Sunday afternoons) TBA 

If a swimmer is not a good fit for either group yet, that swimmer may be referred to lessons or small group clinics on weekends.

$80 a month

Swim Lessons and Clinics

All lessons and clinics are sold on the KC website.

The Purchaser then writes to Coach Jeff Veazey or Coach Robbie Zeske at the “Contact Us” page of the KCSharks.Com website. A coach will promptly contact you to schedule your lessons.

Lesson Pricing: 

half-hour private lesson $40

5 Pack of  half-hour private lessons $160

Clinic Pricing:

Clinics are 2 hours, one hour Saturday, one hour Sunday

Need 4 swimmers to make a clinic  $40 per swimmer

Please email us if you have any questions!


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