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KC Winter 2020 Swim Lessons


PRIVATE LESSON PACKAGE - Available after September 19th

Five Lesson Package


Half-Hour Private Lesson


Clinic Pricing:Scheduled based on interest.  Added as needed

Clinics are 2 hours, one hour Saturday, one hour Sunday

Need 4 swimmers to make a clinic 

Cost:$40 per swimmer



Lesson times and dates determined by availibility of the pool and coach.  Contact the coach's about scheduling the lessons.

            We teach to the individual, not from a book. Low student teacher ratio in younger classes and 4-1 in older classes. We build good skills, one step at a time in beginner swimmers and help more advanced swimmers find their natural balance breathing and stroke technique.

All of our classes are 30 minutes long and each two week session runs for a total of eight classes (Monday through Thursday).

Our instruction program is based on 30+ years of teaching experience and a commitment to individual and small group instruction that is flexible and affordable.

Each of our two week sessions is offered at the Knights of Columbus pool in the morning for the most flexibility during the busy summer months.