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Class specifics

KC Winter 2019/2020 Swim Lesson Packages

Five Lesson Package


Lesson times and dates determined by availibiliy of the pool and coach.  Contact the coach about scheduling the lessons.


KC summer 2020 Swim Lessons

Age 3-5 and older true beginners

$XXX per swimmer

Session 1  To Be Determined 

Session 2  To Be Determined

Session 3  To Be Determinded

Class time subject to change

7 students max - 1.75 students to teacher

7:30 a.m. Beginner 3,4,5,6 - Seven  students max - 1.75 students to teacher

8:00 a.m. Beginner 3,4,5,6 -  Seven  students max - 1.75 students to teacher

8:45 a.m. Beginner 3,4,5,6 - Seven  students max - 1.75 students to teacher

9:15 a.m. Beginner 3,4,5,6 - Seven  students max - 1.75 students to teacher

The sessions includes two Mondays even though the pool is closed to the membership on those days. Fridays are make-up days in case the pool is closed M-Th due to weather or other pool closure.


Age 7 and up, Summer O? Fun Swim Skills Camp!

This camp is for Intermediate / Advanced Swimmers.  

Change your swimmer?s life with a whole summer of fun.

20 x 40 minute lessons with Coach Jeff Veazey and staff

Limit 16 swimmers $TBD

23 Class meetings:

Date/Times to be determined

XX:XX a.m. - XX:XX a.m. Intermediate / Advanced 

Age 7 and up.

advancing beginner / intermediate and up. These swimmers will have had some swimming lessons, are not terrified of the water, do not need floaties or life jacket for short distances, may swim some with arms out of water but may not have mastered side breathing.  Parents are not necessarily comfortable with this swimmer in the water but can see some progress in their swimming and short periods of independence in the water.

We believe a child taking swim lessons at age 6 and older should advance to a very high level with their swimming even if that advancement takes a good portion of the summer to achieve. Becoming a strong swimmer as early as possible helps build self-confidence, learning to swim well after age 6 becomes increasingly difficult. Consistent practice and positive reinforcement over a longer period of swim season is guaranteed to build lasting swim skills that will make regression unlikely and build skills that last a lifetime.  By offering this extended opportunity to work with an expert swimming instructor, parents have the flexibility to miss a week for vacation or camp and still continue the learning when there is not a conflict.


            We teach to the individual, not from a book. Low student teacher ratio in younger classes and 4-1 in older classes. We build good skills, one step at a time in beginner swimmers and help more advanced swimmers find their natural balance breathing and stroke technique.

All of our classes are 30 minutes long and each two week session runs for a total of eight classes (Monday through Thursday).

Our instruction program is based on 30+ years of teaching experience and a commitment to individual and small group instruction that is flexible and affordable.

Each of our two week sessions is offered at the Knights of Columbus pool in the morning for the most flexibility during the busy summer months.