Welcome to the Delaware Aquatic Racing Team Stingrays program


The purpose of this handout is to give a brief overview of our program. Athletes will be competing in age/gender groups as follows:


6 & Under,  8 & Under, 10 & Under             12 & Under, 14 & Under, 18 & Under

   ( together called JUNIORS )                 ( together called SENIORS )


CENTRAL OHIO SWIM ASSOCIATION (C.O.S.A.) We are members of a developmental league that allows a swimmer the opportunity to develop with swimmers at his/her own level. For the most part, the swimmer will decide what events they will swim in these meets. The coaching staff can and will have to limit the number of swimmers per event.  In other words, those swimmers who are swimming individual events in G.C.S.L. meets may be asked to limit their involvement in COSA meets all together.  This will prevent the experienced swimmers from taking all the awards.  Once a child achieves a certain (cut-off) time, they can no longer swim that event or distance in the C.O.S.A. Developmental League.  Ribbons are awarded to first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth place legal finishers in each individual event.  The four members of a legal first, second, or third place relay team in each age/gender group will receive ribbons also.  There is no diving event in this league.  Dual meets will be held on Saturday mornings ( 9:00 a.m.)  No team score is kept in this league.  

       All home C.O.S.A. meets are held at the Jack Florance Pool at Mingo Park.


GREATER COLUMBUS SWIM LEAGUE:  (G.C.S.L.) This is the league we hope to achieve individual and team success in.  It is a tough league; and unlike C.O.S.A. meets, where any number of swimmers may enter an event, this league allows only four swimmers or relays per event.  Sometimes this leaves the inexperienced swimmer out, but that swimmer has the opportunity to swim in C.O.S.A meets on Saturday morning.  Team scores are kept in this league.  The G.C.S.L. schedule is on the calendar, and we expect all swimmers to be there if swimming.  (And they’re pretty exciting to watch even if your swimmer / diver is not involved.)


Ribbons are awarded in each individual age/gender group event to all legal participants.  18U and 14U relays finishing first, second, and third legally will be awarded ribbons. In 8U, 10U and 12U legal relays have ribbons awarded through 8th place. This is the league where diving competition will be held at each dual meet.  Points earned in diving events go toward team scores so we need to cheer and support our divers each Wednesday.  Age group is determined by athlete’s age as of June 15.  Dual meet starting times are 4:00 p.m. for diving, 6:00 p.m. for swimming.

 All home G.C.S.L. diving and swimming meets are held at the Jack Florance Pool at Mingo Park.


A swimmer and/or diver must be members of Jack Florance Pool to be eligible to compete in any  G.C.S.L. meets. This is a G.C.S.L. rule. Check registration tab on website for 2 different options that qualify as being a member of Jack Florance Pool at Mingo Park.    


SPRING SESSION PRACTICE SCHEDULE (Swimming only)  May 11-14 and May 18-21

Starting Monday May 11

             Swimming         Delaware Community Center YMCA  (1121 S.Houk Road)

                    3:30 – 5:00p.m.        Swimmers ages 13-18

                    5:00 - 6:00 p.m.        Swimmers ages 9-12

                    6:15 – 7:00 p.m.        Swimmers ages 8 and younger


SUMMER SESSION PRACTICE  SCHEDULE     May 29- July 10  ( Monday – Friday)                            

Starting Friday May 29. We will also practice Saturday May 30

            Swimming         Jack Florance Pool       6:00 – 7:45 a.m.            Swimmers who trained high school in 2020-21

                                                                           7:15 a.m.- 9:15 a.m.      Swimmers 11-14, some 15-18

                                                                           8:45 – 10:00 a.m.          Swimmers 9 and 10

                                                                         10:15 - 11:00 a.m.         Swimmers 7 and 8 and  6 and Under


            Diving               Jack Florance Pool      9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.       All divers


**Daily attendance at practice (Monday.-Friday.) is expected.

              **Weather policy - We will swim and dive when the water temperature is appropriate.  If weather does not cooperate, we will do dry land training and /or conduct team meetings.  PLEASE wear shoes and socks on questionable mornings as we do some light running.  We practice when it rains BUT will cease in the event of thunder and/or lightning.


Additional dates, times or changes, directions to away meets, announcements, etc. will be provided on the D.A.R.T.S. website dartstingrays.com     Check the DARTS website regularly so as to be informed.


Good luck figuring all of this out.  Our goal of providing a fun atmosphere and allowing each swimmer and diver to be involved in competition can be met with your help and cooperation.


Think Swimming / Diving,     Bill Rietz    (Head Senior Coach)

                                          Kelly Montee    (Head Junior Coach)   

                                          Stephanie Frisch (Head Diving Coach)    Erik Richards  (Asst. Diving Coach)

                                          Asst. Swim Coaches:  Senior- Randi Borror, Stephanie Frisch, Joe Cellar, Bethany Lance

                                                                            Junior- Sydney Carlson, Molly Schul, Valerie Keller, Grace Horstman  


PHONE NUMBERS:    Bill Rietz  740-972-4980      Kelly Montee  740-972-5017       Stephanie Frisch  203-924-9852

E- Mail                          [email protected]          [email protected]                [email protected]



        G.C.S.L. Schedule                                                              C.O.S.A.  SCHEDULE

Sat.   June 6    DARTS TIME TRIAL                                    Sat. June 6     DARTS TIME TRIAL

Wed. June 10     @ Highlands Park                                      Sat. June 13    Home

Wed. June 17    ANNEHURST                                               Sat. June 20    Home

Wed. June 24    WORTHINGTON                                          Sat. June 27   Away

Wed. July  1     @ Gahanna                                                 Sat. July 4      No meet due to holiday

Wed. July  8     @ Plain Township                                       Sat. July 11   @ COSA Finale Meet in Worthington

                 Times to be announced                                                                   7:00 – 11:45 a.m.


GCSL Diving Championships @ Gahanna   July 10 & 11                    ** Awards program and pool party              

GCSL Swim Champs @ Highlands Park  July 13                                       Wed. July 15  6:30-10:15 p.m.

                                                                                                                     for athletes and families





A.  Jack Florance Pool membership discount ends May 15

      Spring session (swim only) is May 11-14 and 18-21 at Delaware YMCA

      Summer session (swim and dive) is May 29 -July 17 at Jack Florance Pool at Mingo Park

B. Online DARTS store        swimoutlet.com/DARTS

       Support DART Stingrays by shopping at our store.

       A portion of all proceeds goes back to DART Stingrays.

       Also, get free shipping on orders over $49

      Practice suits can be purchased along with goggles and diver chamois towels.

      You can also visit the full SwimOutlet.com site.

      We receive credit for these purchases as well.

Team Suit Fitting will be offered May 6 and May 30. Watch for future email with location and times.

       Note: Be sure to try suit on when completely dry.

C. Are you a certified YMCA or US Swimming official? 

                If yes, contact Coach Bill at [email protected]



Each family is required to complete three (3) volunteer tasks. Please click on the VOLUNTEER page for full information and signup instructions. 


Any swimmer or diver who earns a ribbon from a GCSL or COSA meet can find their ribbon in their mailbox file. The mailbox files can be found on the wall outside the DARTS office under the blue and white awning. All questions regarding Junior ribbons should be directed to Coach Kelly. Seniors with questions need to speak with Coach Bill.


  • Meet Reminders: Please clean up the area around your camp before leaving for home. We do a team cheer before and after the meet. Jewelry while competing is not allowed (bracelets/earrings/rings). The only acceptable caps in competition are plain or DARTS caps. No club or YMCA caps are permitted.

  • Mailboxes: Each swimmer and diver family has a mailbox file outside the DARTS office during practice. Ribbons from meets and handouts are put in family mailbox file. Please check your mailbox regularly.

  • Away Meets: Directions to all away meets are available under the Meet page. Transportation to all away meets is the responsibility of each athlete. Please be aware there is a warm-up period prior to the scheduled start time for each meet. Your coach will provide your swimmer/diver with their warm-up time for each meet.

  • GCSL Teams: GCSL meets are on Wednesday, and COSA meets are on Saturdays. Click on the Meets page for an explanation of the two leagues our team competes in. Divers compete in the GCSL only. The lineups for GCSL are announced Tuesday at practice and will be emailed to you on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. The COSA meet lineup is determined by swimmers as they signup Wednesday or Thursday before or after practice.

500 E Lincoln Ave
Delaware , OH 43015