The Waterlog June 21, 2020

Bill Rietz

The Waterlog  (newsletter of the DARTS)

June 21, 2020

D.A.R.T.S.: Specialists in the liquid environment arts since 1979

Happy Father's Day!
              All Stingray dad's are to be appreciated. I realize the role my father played in my life was not appreciated when I was young, but as I matured I came to understand his role in my life. Here's hoping you are celebrating today with your dad or will give him a call. 
DARTS 2020 Summer Swim
It is happening and begins Monday June 22. We had a great response to registration. Group A and B are completely full while group C and D have some slots unfilled. Coaches are ready to work with your swimmer. Please take the time to review these main points.
  1. Practice social distancing. Face masks are encouraged prior to and after swim practice times when in pool area.
2. Swimmers  enter the gate at their appointed arrival time for their assigned group. Coach will check them in at gate.
Group A           Arrive 6:20 a.m.        Stretch 6:22 a.m.         Swim 6:30-7:45 a.m.
Group B           Arrive 7:45 a.m.        Stretch 7:47 a.m.         Swim 7:55- 9:10 a.m.
Group C           Arrive 9:10 a.m.        Stretch 9:12 a.m.         Swim 9:20-10:20 a.m.
Group D           Arrive 10:20 a.m.     Stretch 10:22 a.m.       Swim 10:30-11:30 a.m.
3. Parents are welcome to watch practice from outside the fence. No parents will be permitted inside the fence during practice times.
4. Groups A and C report to shelter area on the east side of pool.
Groups B and D report to the grass area on the north side of the pool.
5. Wear suit to and from practice. No changing room available.
6. What to bring: towel, goggles, cap if needed, sandals or shoes, shirt and water bottle with name on it. On rainy days bring items in plastic trash bag to keep them dry.
7. Swimmers will exit pool area within 8:00 of practice time conclusion. No loitering or group gathering inside pool fence.
8. Weather policy is as follows. Practice will be help when it is raining. This is reason for plastic garbage bag (see # 6).  If lightning and/or thunder, swimmers will be placed in pool house. Swimmers are welcome to wait in parent's car. Delay for thunder/lightning is half hour
Thanks for your cooperation in practicing these guidelines. Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy, friendly environment that will allow us to swim.
Aquatically yours,
Coach Bill