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Coach Bill has served as a DARTS coach since 1979. He has served on the Delaware Hayes Pacer coaching staff from 1980-2017. Coach swam 7 years for the Delaware Swim Club after his family moved to Delaware in 1969. He was a 4 year varsity letter winner for the Pacers and served as captain his senior season. A 1980 graduate of the University of Tennessee, Coach is a retired high school teacher from the Delaware City Schools who has continued his passion of sharing swimming with the Stingrays and Pacers. He is married to Kay Rietz - aka "Mrs. Coach".

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Phone: (740) 369-6015 home

Phone: (740) 972-4980 cell


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Diving Head Coach – Stephanie Frisch

Coach Stephanie (aka Dish) joined the Wesleyan Woods Aquatic Club/DARTS at age 8, when a swimming instructor promised to pass her in all swimming lessons. She competitively swam for DARTS and Delaware Hayes, earning 4 varsity letters and being named captain her senior year. In college she participated in synchronized swimming on the Miami University Marlins club team. Dish coached swimming and diving with DARTS and the Hayes Pacers for 10 years before moving to CT 1996. She returned to OH in May 2013, and hit the pool deck with DARTS and Riptide swimming and diving that spring, and with the Pacers and Barons diving team in the fall. She calls Delaware home where she lives with a feisty French Bulldog, Cami-Lou, and Jake, a grumpy-old-man-Labrador.

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  Swimming Program: Seniors

 Bill Rietz        Senior Head Coach

1. 43 years coaching with DARTS

 2. 37 years coaching Delaware Hayes High School

 3. 12 years swimming - Somerville (NJ) YMCA, Delaware (OH) Swim Club, Delaware Hayes High School

Joe Cellar    Senior Assistant Coach

1.  10 years coaching with DARTS

2.  4 years coaching Delaware Hayes High School

3.   years swimming - Olentangy High School, DARTS, Ohio Wesleyan University

Stephanie Frisch     Senior Assistant Coach

1. 8 years coaching with DARTS

2. 5 years coaching Delaware Riptide YMCA (DRY)

3. 12 years swimming Wesleyan Woods Aquatic Club (OH), DARTS , Delaware Hayes High School, Miami Marlins Synchronized Swim Club

Caitlin Lord      Senior Assistant Coach

1. 3 years coaching DARTS

2. 2 years coaching Kennewick Sharks in Washington State

3. 12 years swimming Tri- City Channel Cats, Kamiakin High School in Washington State

Phoebe Lightfoot       Senior Assistant Coach

1. 1 year coaching with DARTS

2. 4 years volunteer with club team

3.   12 years - club, high school, Ohio Wesleyan University


      Swimming Program: Juniors

Kelly Montee      Junior Head Coach

1.  14 years coaching with DARTS

2.  8 years coaching Delaware Hayes, 3 years with Powell YMCA

3.  13 years swimming DARTS, Worthington Swim Club, Worthington Wave, Olentangy High School, Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame, IN

Katie Gilliland     Junior Assistant Coach

1. 19 years coaching with DARTS

2.  1 year coaching at the Marysville YMCA

3.  12 years swimming DARTS, Olentangy High School

Tiffany Vroegop    Junior Assistant Coach

1. 2 years coaching with DARTS

2. 2 years coaching Delaware Hayes

3.    years swimming Galion YMCA, Galion High School

Maddie Richardson     Junior Assistant Coach

1. 1 year coaching with DARTS

2. 10 years swimming - DARTS, 4 years Delaware Hayes High School

Liz Abahazi             Junior Assistant Coach

1. 1 year coaching with DARTS

2. 8 years swimming -DARTS, 4 years Delaware Hayes High School, 2 years Mount Union University


Diving Program:

Stephanie Frisch   Head Coach

1. 18 years coaching with DARTS

2. 15 years coaching Delaware Hayes High School, 5 years-Buckeye Valley High School, Dempsey Middle School

3. 12 years swimming Wesleyan Woods Aquatic Club (OH), DARTS, Delaware Hayes High School, Miami Marlins Synchronized Swim Club

Erik Richards     Assistant Coach

1.  4 years coaching with DARTS

2.  NA

 3.  4 years diving DARTS, Delaware Hayes High School


The Delaware Aquatic Racing Team Stingrays officially hit the water in 1979. That was the year the private Delaware Swim Club Stingrays (circa 1950’s) became a Delaware City Parks and Recreation Department sponsored program. The acronym D.A.R.T.S. was the brainchild of Jack Florance and David Staley (both past Stingray coaches), Bob Walker (City Manager) and Jim Garges (Recreation Director). The four were avid Masters swimmers who trained at Mingo Pool who possessed an interest in youth swimming. The name stuck and the D.A.R.T.S. were under way in June 1979. T.K. Cellar was hired to lead the Stingrays the first season. He convinced the program to switch from the Mid Ohio Swim League (M.O.S.L.) to membership in the Greater Columbus Swim League (G.C.S.L.). T.K. had grown up competing in the GCSL and had coached for league member Mt. Air before coming to Delaware. This change limited travel to north and east Columbus area instead of Mt Vernon, Wooster, Springfield and Coshocton as required by MOSL. 

The inaugural season (1979) had two swim coaches (Cellar and Bill Rietz) and 1 diving coach(David Potts). The entire team was 57 athletes. There was 24 Juniors and 33 Seniors. The Junior team consisted of only 5 boys, one of which was 8 years old. Rietz handled the Juniors while Cellar worked with the Seniors. The weekly newsletter “The Waterlog” was created by Cellar who taught English at Hayes. He cranked out each edition on a typewriter on a ditto that was mimeographed on a machine in the Boy’s locker room store room. The first season saw the Juniors finish 1-4, the Seniors 2-2-1 (tied Mt. Air) with respective 7th and 8th place finishes at the GCSL Championship. 

Over the years the program has grown in number of participants and team success. The following data point this out.

  • 1980 - Wesleyan Woods Aquatic Club (C.O.S.A. League member) combined with D.A.R.T.S. which effectively doubled the team size. By the late 1980’s the roster numbered between 180-200 athletes annually.

  • In 2015, DART Stingrays Inc. was formed as a non-profit organization. 

  • All team operations are now overseen by a five member Board of Directors.

  • In 2021, DARTS returned as a program under City of Delaware Parks and Recreation

Junior dual meet record 115-48-0

Senior dual meet record 129-35-3 

(incomplete records for 1989 and 1990)

Juniors have had 16 undefeated dual meet seasons in 43 years in G.C.S.L. Seniors have had 15 undefeated seasons

Overall G.C.S.L. Team Champion 2009-2019

  • Awarded to team with highest point total for Diving, Junior and Senior Swimming

  • First awarded by G.C.S.L. in 2009.

G.C.S.L. Champions Juniors – 1982, 1985, 2009-13, 2015-18

  • Seniors – 1987, 1988, 2004, 2011, 2013-2017, 2019, 2021

G.C.S.L. Runner – Up Juniors – 1984, 1987, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2014, 2019

  • Seniors – 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1989, 2002, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012

G.C.S.L. 3rd place finish -  Juniors 12 times

  • Seniors 13 times

Head Coaches (oversee entire program and Senior swimmers)

T.K. Cellar | 1979-1982

Bill Rietz | 1983-1991

Tom Main | 1992 (finished season for Rietz)

Bill Rietz | 1993-2003

Dick Hawes | 2004 (finished season for Rietz)

Bill Rietz | 2005 to Present

Junior Head Coaches

Bill Rietz  | 1979-1982

Julie Schupp Long | 1983-1984

Denise Guenther Hackett | 1985-1994

Angie Hillier Ullum | 1995-2001

Robert Schalmo | 2002

Denise Berry | 2003 to 2015

Jordan Nicol   2016 

Kelly Montee  2017-present

Head Diving Coaches

David Potts | 1979

Kristen Cellar | 1980-1984

Helen Andersson | 1985-1995

Ben Teets | 1996-1997

Brian Book | 1998-2002

Robert Krichbaum | 2003-2005

Zach Kaple | 2006 & 2008

Becky Whitney | 2007

Christine Runkle | 2009

Erin Hanahan | 2010

Megan Savage | 2011-2012

Julie Jefferis | 2013 -2014

Stephanie Frisch | 2015 to Present

G.C.S.L. Hall of Fame Members

T.K. Cellar Class of 2005 & Bill Rietz Class of 2009