The DARTS program has an exciting and long-standing history in the Delaware community! Swimmers and divers from around the county come to compete on our team. Alumni swimmers and divers even bring their children back to join DARTS. It is a team that has "big fun", but we rely on you the parents (yes, YOU) to help us conduct meets and coordinate events.

Here are some numbers to help illustrate how many volunteers we need to run each meet: 

  • 25 volunteers for Home GCSL Wednesday night meets

  • 16 volunteers for Away GCSL Wednesday night meets

  • 20 volunteers for Home COSA Saturday morning meets

  • 14 volunteers for Away COSA Saturday morning meets

There are a variety of volunteer positions to choose from, ranging from timers to working the concession stand. Job descriptions are provided below. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old. There is a place for you - even if you are new to the sport! Don't be afraid of trying something new. If you are not sure of how to do the job, someone will help you out.

         Family Volunteer Policy


Family Volunteer Policy

As a parent / guardian of a registered summer session swimmer or diver, I will adhere to the DARTS Family Volunteer Policy. Each family must complete 2 volunteer tasks and a one time $10 concession donation by the conclusion of the current season or pay the following penalty:
                     2 of 3 requirements completed       $33
                     1 of 3 requirements completed     $66
                     0 of 3 requirements completed     $100

       Payment is due by July 30 to DART Stingrays Inc treasurer by check payable to DART Stingrays Inc or online using Team Unify account.

YOUR VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENT - A family of a DARTS swimmer/diver is required to complete 2 volunteer tasks and a $10 donation to concession by the conclusion of the current season. Volunteers from a family must be at least 16 years old. There are multiple ways to volunteer, and many are not during meets. Check out our volunteer option listed below. Great volunteers like you are the reason our team is the best around. The meets cannot run without parent support!

HOW TO SIGNUP - All volunteer signups will be handled using your Team Unify account. Please click on the Meets & Events tab at the top of this page to select the dates and task you wish to sign up for.

           Clink link to view Signup tutorial   Volunteer Signup 

​​CONCESSION DONATION - Each family is required to donate $10 to concession as one of the three required family volunteer tasks. This payment can be by check payable to DART Stingrays Inc. or during online registration using your Team Unify account.

BUY-OUT OPTION -  If you would prefer not to volunteer, you may pay $100 to buy-out your volunteering commitment. If you choose this option, please do so before June 15. This will guarantee you will not be contacted during the season (about volunteering).  Checks payable to DART Stingrays Inc can be given to Coach Bill at any practice or meet.

QUESTIONS - If you have any questions about meet positions (see descriptions below), please feel free to contact any DARTS Executive Board member or Coach Bill.


VOLUNTEER POSITIONS FOR MEETS - You can signup to volunteer for the following meet positions using your Team Unify account


  • 2 - 4 people for Saturday COSA meets only

  • The Bullpen is where swimmers are organized for their events. Bullpen coordinators help organize swimmers before their events, and deliver them to the correct lane.​ Coaches from both teams are assigned to organize the swimmers in bullpen


  • 3 people  for GCSL/COSA meets (home only)  

  • You will help sell concession items during the meet.


  • 2 people for GCSL/COSA meets (home & away) 

  • The ribbon worker is at the score-keeping table and attaches labels printed from the Meet Manager to the ribbons. The ribbons are then placed in each team's box.


  • 1 person for GCSL/COSA meets (home only) 

  • The runners are responsible for collecting times from the timers when the automatic timing system fails.


  •  8 people for GCSL and COSA meets

  • Timers will time the swimmers in each race with a team provided stopwatch. One timer per lane writes both times on the clipboard collection sheet. The visiting team supplies a timer so there are two timers per lane.


      *  1 person for  GCSL / COSA meets  (home only)

     *  head timer starts 2 watches for each race. If a timer has a watch that malfunctions, head timer delivers a operating watch to that lane.


      * 1 person for  GCSL / COSA meets (home only)

      * Relief timer stands with head timer. If a timer in any lane needs a break, the relief timer will cover that lane until timer on break returns.


       * 4 people for  all GCSL meets

       * Using provided stopwatch, take split time of each of the four relay members in assigned lane and record their time on clipboard.


      * 1 person for GCSL / COSA  meets (home only)

      * Table worker assists the meet manager who operates timing sytem and scoring on laptop. Instruction is provided by meet manager


       * 1 person for diving  GCSL meets (home only)     Announce each divers name and dive being performed for judges.

       * 1 person for swimming  GCSL meets (home only)   Announce event number and name prior to start of each race.


BREAKFAST WITH THE DARTS & TIME TRIALS - This is a once yearly volunteer opportunity. Check out our annual schedule for information on this year's event . This Saturday morning event combines fun along with preparing our swimmers and divers for the upcoming season. We host a light breakfast followed by Junior and Senior  team photos on the pool deck. We conclude the day with time trials for the swimmers and a practice meet for the divers. You can signup to volunteer for several different positions on Team Unify.