Lawrence Park Swim Club Board of Governors

The Lawrence Park Swim Club Board of Governors consists of nine (9) volunteer members who dedicate their time to the stewardship of our fine club. All administrative functions are managed by a team of volunteer members who collectively constitute the Board of Governors. These functions include management of facilities and grounds, finances, membership, insurance, activities, club policy and procedure, public relations, communicatins, etc. We invite members who are willing to actively assist in management of the club to step forward. If interested please contact [email protected]

The members listed serve a three year term on the board and are elected by recorded bondholders of the club.


Steve Szathmary



Patrick Burland
Vice President 




Ed Sanchez


Lynn P.

Lynn Parrucci
Bond Secretary
[email protected]



Liz Cassidy



Steve Cassell
Facilities and Grounds



Brian Ruark
Facilities and Grounds



Steve Szathmary
Facilities and Grounds



Chris Bochanski
Swim Team President