Swim club members interested in scheduling a party at the pool should contact the pool manager. It is best to speak to the manager on duty when you are at the pool.

Parties are limited to 20 guests and to 3 hours in duration.  Parties may be scheduled seven days a week during pool hours.  Members are required to pay an $8 fee for each party guest who is a non-member.  Members will not be required to pay for non-swimming parents of young party guests. Parties that place a food order through the snack bar are welcome to use tables inside the snack bar.  Parties that supply their own food may use the outdoor picnic tables.

No parties will be scheduled on the 4th of July, Labor Day Weekend or Labor Day. 

Please contact Brian Doogan regarding Party Packages at [email protected]

The pool telephone number is 484-422-8663 (during club hours only).

Please fill out the Pool Party Reservation Form and give to Manager on Duty.