​New Member Info

No application referral or waiting list is needed to become a member of Lawrence Park Swim Club. New members are always welcome! Click the link below to register now and have a fun filled summer.

Joining has never been easier! We open in early May and stay open until the end of September with limited hoiurs. The full season starts the Saturday before Memorial Day.

Can't wait to start the season off and see everyone again, and say hello to all the new members!

When registering, new members will need to purchase a Lawrence Park Swim Club Bond along with the annual dues and fees. Current pricing for the bond is $475. Bonds must be held for three years from the date of purchase in order to be redeemed at full value, minus any past due fees.

Annual Membership Fees include Saturdays and Sundays from April 30th to May 28th and the Saturdays and Sundays after Labor Day until October 2nd.

Full payment of the bond, annual dues and fees are required before your membership is approved.

Contact the membership coordinator at: [email protected] for any questions about our swim club. 

New Member Registration

New Members Fee Schedule for 2022 Season:

Bond Information: Bonds must be held for three years from the date of purchase in order to be redeemed at full value. Bond redemption within the first year of bond purchase will forfeit 2/3 of the bond value. Bond redemption within the second year will forfeit 1/3 of bond value. After the third year, full bond redemption will be issued, minus past due fees. Unfortunately, Lawrence Park Swim Club does not offer payment plans. 

Bond Cost: $475  

Seniors (up to 2 members 65+ in the same household) - $225
Single, Non-Senior - $250
2 Member Household - $450
3 - 4 Member Household - $515
5 - 6 Member Household - $575

7 or more in Household - $625   
Note: no charge for children under 2 years of age
Capital Improvement Fee - $100 for first year **/ After year 1, this fee varies from $100-150 depending on registration/payment dates. 
Child Care Provider - $100  - No name is listed for a child care provided. When checking out after registration choose the Child Care block. Your account will be noted. The desk attendant will admit the children along with the child care provider.

Guest Fees:

  • Weekdays - $10.00
  • Saturday, Sunday and Holidays - $15.00
  • GUEST PASSES – 6/$50.00 valid weekdays and weekends

Guest Cards may be purchased online at any time. Guest Card Purchase
Individual Guest Fees are paid by cash or check upon entry to the facility at the front desk

** Capital Improvement Fee is paid every year including initial application year. Capital Improvement Fee is due each year even if you do not pay your membership fee for the year. Each year the fee is not paid it will be deducted from your bond total when you redeem your bond.