Job Sign-Ups

Swim Team is only as successful as the families that help run our meets and events, and jobs are crucial to running a swim team. Click on the Jobs drop-down menu for descriptions of Annual Jobs, Meet Jobs, and Social Jobs.  Please contact the Jobs Coordinator ([email protected]) if interested in any job or for more information.

Each family is required to work either (1) an annual job or (2) a predetermined number of individual meet or social jobs during the season.   If your youngest swimmer is 15 years or older, you do not have to perform swim team jobs.

Process to Sign-Up For Meet and Social Jobs

Every LIV family with a swimmer under age 15 and who does not have an annual job will be able to sign up for individual meet/social jobs on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at 5:00 PM (tentatively scheduled, subject to change).  Jobs are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so you should plan to be logged in and ready to sign up right at 5:00 PM to get the dates and jobs you prefer.  The job sign-up window will remain open until Monday, May 9, 2022 at 5 PM.  If you do not sign up for all required jobs by the deadline, then jobs will be assigned to you. 

To sign up for jobs, you must sign in to your account.   Select the meet/event you wish to work through the Events tab or the home page.  Click on the Job Sign-Up button for that meet/event.

Step 1: Find the empty slots shown as "---------".
Step 2: Click on the checkbox in front of the empty slot that you want to sign up for.
Step 3: Make sure you click the Signup button to sign up for the slots that you selected.

Note: If your Account name is printed right after the checkbox, you've signed up for that job. You do NOT have to "Signup" again. However, you can use the "Remove Signup" button to remove the signup if you no longer want to work on that job. If someone else's name is printed, that job slot is no longer available for you to sign up. You can only sign up for the empty slots shown as "---------".

You can run a report for the jobs you have signed up for through your account by going to the Events tab and clicking the Reports tab.

Responsibility for Jobs

Once you sign up, those jobs are yours and will not be changed without your consent.  Likewise, once you sign up, those jobs are your responsibility to fulfill, no matter what the situation. Note that one adult must be available to work the entire shift of each job assigned to you!  Do not sign up for more jobs than you have available adults to work.  If you do not have sufficient coverage to watch your small children and work your job at a meet, hire a substitute (see below). 

If you cannot work a job, then you must find a replacement on your own (sign in to the website to see list of paid job substitutes under the jobs tab).  This list will be updated before time trials.  Failure to fulfill your job, including leaving early or arriving late, will result in a $100 assessment per missed job.  Failure to pay assessments will result in suspension of your swimmer from meets. Snack Bar substitutes need to be 16 years or older.  All other substitutes should be 15 years or older.  An adult or job substitute must be available to work during the entire shift of a job.  

Jobs for invitationals are assigned separately to families of participating swimmers.