Job Descriptions -  Meet Jobs

  • Help with ribbons during meets; apply pre-printed stickers to ribbons
  • At away meets, responsible for bringing the portable ribbons holder and bringing the ribbons back to our pool
  • Filing ribbons in our family folders after each meet

Head Timer

  • Run two back-up timer watches during each heat
  • Serves as a back-up timer

 Set-Up Crew

  • Work with Set-up Coordinator to prepare pool for home meets

Snack Bar Worker with either Set-up or Take-Down

  • Help set-up ort​ake-down snack bar at home meets -  work during the meet the rest of your assigned time
  • Duties include opening snack bar, setting up tables, loading ice chests, and preparing condiments
  • Serve food or act as cashier
  • Fill in for timers or other jobs as needed
  • No one under the age of 16 is allowed behind the snack bar

Take-Down Crew

  • Work with Take-Down Coordinator to take down equipment at home meets and clean up pool area - you cannot do this job with another job (except set-up) because take down starts before the meet is over


  • Time swimmers at meet
  • May be asked at meet to fill in for snack bar or other jobs as needed