Last Minute Sign-Outs
Please send a note to [email protected] 

See below for information on fines for missing a scheduled swim at a meet, in addition to the sign-out process. 

Sign-Out Deadlines & Process

1) Sign-out Deadlines

Why are sign-out deadlines important?

A lot of planning goes into "who swims what" at meets. If you swimmer is not able to come to a meet, and we don't find out until after the entry deadline, then we cannot get another swimmer to swim in her/his place. We thank you in advance for your help.

League and Non League Meets (the majority of all our swim meets)

The SIGN-OUT deadline for these meets is noon of the day that is one week before the meet. e.g, for a Wednesday meet, the deadline is noon of the previous Wednesday. For a Saturday meet, the deadline is noon the previous Saturday.

Invitational Meets

Most Invitationals are "sign-in" meaning you have to fill out a form to be enrolled in the meet. We will notify you of upcoming Invitationals and how to sign UP for them.

DCSL - League Championship Meet

The coaches need to know ASAP if you are not attending, but no less than 2 weeks before the meet.  This meet is the culmination of the season so all swimmers are strongly encouraged to attend.

Please remember you are still responsible for the meets that you have been scheduled to work, even if your child is not swimming.  Trade with another parent, if necessary.  Parents will be required to pay a fine for each meet job missed, or if they fail to adequately fulfill the job requirement.

It is not necessary to attend all practices and meets.  We realize that family plans or illness may result in your absence.  If you become ill on the day of the meet, please contact the Director or the Assistant Director.


A $25 fine will be assessed for any swimmer that is entered in a meet and a) fails to show up; or b) after the sign-out deadline, notifies the Director or Assistant Director that the swimmer will not participate in the meet (a "Late Sign-out."). If you are signing out the day of the meet or the day before, you may call or email the Director or Assistant Director.  You will be contacted via email about your fine.  You will have one week to pay your fine. If the fine is not paid by that time, the swimmer will be suspended from future meets until the fine is paid.  Exceptions will be made in case of illness so long as the Director or Assistant Director is notified prior to the start of the meet.

2) Sign-out Process

If you are attending a regular League or non-League swim meet (except for Invitationals which are different), you do not need to sign-up. You will automatically be entered in the meet. However, if you are NOT able to attend a swim meet, please SIGN-OUT of the meet. 

  • Meet signouts are done online.  Go to either the home page where the meets are shown or to the Events Tab which also shows our meets.
  • Select the "Edit Commitment" button by the meet and sign in with your userID and password.
  • You will see your swimmer's names on the screen.  Select your swimmer by clicking on their name.  You will see a box with a drop down arrow.   The box will say "Yes.  Please sign (swimmer) up for this event"  --
  • Click on the arrow and choose the other option which says - "No thanks.  (Swimmer) will NOT attend this event."     
  • Then click on the "Save Changes" button in the bottom right corner.

If you have more than one swimmer who can't attend, please repeat the process above for them.

As soon as you know your vacation dates, please sign out of meets you will not attend.  It helps the coach to have as much time as possible.