LYC Swim Team Summer 2019

Head Coach: Julia Martiner 

Assistant Coaches: Lindsey Guida & Tess Mariner




  • Be on time and ready for swim practice
  • Wear/bring appropriate swim team attire - goggles, swimsuit, cap, towel, and water bottle
  • Show respect for their teammates, coaches, parents, volunteers, and the LYC


  • Be on time and ready for swim practice
  • Organize and execute challenging and structured swim practices
  • Work with swimmers in groups, but also give personalized attention whenever possible (e.g. disqualification review / assistance)


Please allow the coaches to focus on the swimmers during practice. If questions or concerns arise contact us to coordinate discussion time with coaches or team officials.

Practice Schedule

Group A (6 & Under + 11 & Up)

  • May 29th - June 12th: 6:00-7:00 PM
  • June 13th & after: 9:00-10:30 AM

Group B (7 - 10 year olds)

  • May 29th - June 12th: 5:00-6:00 PM
  • June 13th & after: 10:30-11:30 AM



Learn how to sign-up for the meet through or OnDeck app. Registration deadline is set to allow our coach enough time to set the roster, events and relays.

Please communicate any last minute change to allow for program adjustment as it reduces confusion during the meet for all volunteers.

Meet Schedule

See Calendar for most up-to-date schedule.

Meet Program & Results

Expect the meet program to be available via OnDeck a few hours prior to the swim meet. A meet program will also be posted for home meets. A donation may be required to obain a meet program for away meets.

Results will be available (once verified) via or OnDeck.


Our team runs on volunteers and we won't start a meet until all positions are filled. Expect to volunteer at approximately 4 meets. If your family account does not have enough volunteer points, the swimmers may be pulled from future meet rosters.

Learn to sign-up for for volunteer positions through or OnDeck. Positions are available now for our Time Trial and the remainder will be posted June 1st.

Volunteers should expect check-in with the coordinator around 5PM with timers & recorders having a meeting at 5:30 to review responsiblities.


  • Attend as many swim meets as possible, try your hardest to have fun!
  • Be on time for warmups
    • Arrive at 4:30PM for home meets and 4:45PM for away meets
  • Find a meet or program, record your events, and keep track of the current event
  • DO NOT use Sharpie marker drawings on the swimmer's back as it will stain light colored deck furniture
  • Repect the other swim team and their facility
  • For away meets, find our "team area" and stay in this area unless you are swimming/cheering


Caps have been ordered and will be distributed at practice.

Team suits are encouraged but not mandatory.  A plain navy blue swim suit is fine.  Team suits can be ordered through the SwimOutlet.


Visit our Swim Meet 101 page if you are new to our swim team or just need a few reminders.


Please take a moment to mark your calendars for other items on our calendar:

Time Trial

We will be holding a time trial June 10th event to allow everyone a chance to get training on volunteers positions and most importantly prepare our swimmers for their first meet. This will be run in place of practice and allow us to get benchmark times for the swimmers.


The Delmarva Swim Association has a few different invitational events listed. See our calendar for those we recommend attending.


The Delmarva Swim Assocation Championships will be held at The Sussex Academy of Arts & Sciences in Georgetown on Saturday, July 27th. Qualifying Times are posted on


Our end-of-season team banquet is currently scheduled for Tuesday, July 30th. Please plan on attending so we can recognize the swimmers progress & achievements.


If you have questions please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help you.