• Practice suit - to use during training sessions.
  • Competition/ team suit - A team-racing suit is strongly recommended for competition. This suit is usually 1 size smaller than a practice suit to reduce resistance (Please refer to manufacturer size charts).  Please try not to wear the meet suit to practice unless told by the coach as you want to keep the suit in good condition for meets.   Our team suits are available from the Swim Outlet.  Team suits are not mandatory.
  • Cap - A latex cap or silicone swim cap is used during a meet and practice to cut down on resistance and to protect swimmer's hair from the effects of chlorine. Caps are encouraged for anyone with hair that covers their eyes. Two custom swim caps will be provided for each swimmer registered by the deadline.
  • Goggles – These are worn by swimmers during practice and meets to enhance vision and protect the eyes from the effects of chemicals in the water. ​