Meet Entries/ Competition Times and Warm Up Times: 
Information about the date, warm up times, and fees will be sent via email a few days prior to the event. 
All entry fees are required to be paid prior to meet entry deadline

What to Bring to a Meet?
The following is a checklist of items to bring:

  1. Competition swim suit
  2. Swim cap and goggles (extras are helpful)
  3. Sunscreen/bug spray
  4. Flip flops/sandals (for the deck)
  5. Towels (4-5 recommended)
  6. Water or sports drink/healthy snacks/cash for concession stand
  7. Folding chairs (for certain away swim meets)
  8. Sweatshirt for when sun goes down
  9. Sharpie Marker for writing events on swimmer​​​​ (E=event, H=heat, L=lane, S=stroke)Picture

**Swim parent tip: "Spray on" suntan lotion normally removes Sharpie Marker from skin.

Meet Procedures

  1. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the assigned warm up time.
  2. The swimmer should be prepared to warm up upon arrival.
  3. The coaches will direct warm up.
  4. Each swimmer is responsible for knowing what events they are swimming and be lined up prior to those events.
  5. In between races, swimmers should be resting in the team area, talking to the coach, or cheering on teammates.
  6. Before leaving the meet, each swimmer should check with the coach in case a swimmer is needed for a relay or any other activity.

Other tips

  1. Download “On Deck” app and join LYC Summer Swim Team
  2. Be prepared for meets to take up to 4 hours
  3. Please be responsible for your children.  Age group “Angels” are there to help, not to be babysitters