Do I need to be a MRYC member to be on the Marlins Team? 
No, the team is open to anyone between the ages of 5-18 who meet the minimum swimming requirements. 
How much does it cost to be on the Marlins Team? 
Fees are $232 for the first swimmer in a family, then $157 for each additional family member. MYRC members pay $182 for the first swimmer and each additional family member cost $107. Limited scholarships are available on a first come basis. 
How long is the summer swim season and what is the schedule? 
The summer swim season last from May 31 to July 23 for most swimmers. Championships qualifiers have an additional week of practice. The team awards banquet is on August 1. The full schedule is found on our website HERE
What are the practice times? 

When school is still in session, practices will take place Monday to Thursday at the times below. On Friday's there will be one optional combined practice for all age groups. 

5:00 to 5:45 — ages 7-10

5:00 to 5:30 —  6 and under

 5:45 - 6:45 —11 and up

Fridays 5-6 p.m. (optional for all age groups)

When school is out for summer, practice moves to mornings. This year the first morning practice will be Monday, June 20. Morning practice takes place Monday through Friday unless there is a meet. On Monday’s when there is a meet, we hold an optional practice from 9-10 am  to work on race strategies -- starts, turns and finishes. 

8:30 to 10:00 am —ages 11 and older 

10 to 11 am — 7 to 10

10 to 10:45 — 6 and under

Please check the full schedule here
Can my child attend sailing or other camps and still be on the team?
Yes. We suggest that team member make at least half of the practices and events but some members can not meet these requirements and still participate — particularly older swimmers who know their strokes. 
How old do you need to be to be on the team?
We’ve have children as young as 4 years and and as old as 18 years. As long as your child can meet the minimum requirements, they can be on the team. 
What are the minimum swimming requirements? 
Children under the age of 6 must be able to make it half way across the pool unassisted with the expectation that they will get fully across the pool as the season progresses. Children over the age of 6 should be able to swim freestyle with their face in the water.
I’m not sure if my child is ready for the team, can I still sign up? 
Yes, you child will be assessed within the first week. If at that point, they are found not to meet the minimum requirements, they will be given suggestions for improvement or your registration fee will be refunded. 
Will my child get swimming lessons on the team? 
Swim team is not a group lesson but a conditioning group. You child will get stroke coaching and pointers but the team should not take the place of actual swim lessons for true beginners. You child can compete in the strokes that they can preform legally. For some swimmer that will be every stroke for other it may be only one or two. 
My child is new to swimming, I'm worried about the competition aspect.
MRYC is a personal best team. Some members are true novices, others have been swimming for year. Regardless, everyone is recognized for personal improvement. All members who stick with it, improve by the end of the season. Our coaches meet everyone where they are and offer feedback and suggestions for improvement. 
I can not afford the team fees do you offer scholarships.
Yes, the team offers limited scholarships based on need. Most scholarships will be partial or we reduce the fees for families with multiple swimmers. Please submit a email to [email protected] saying why you child would benefit from a scholarship and we will get back to you. All request are confidential. 
What if I work and can not get my child to all the practices?
Consider carpooling. The MRYC team uses the WAZE carpool app. This will bee explained at the parents’ meeting on the first day of practice. Checkout our handbook for more details. 
I noticed that parent participation is mandatory? What if I work evenings and can not volunteer at meets? 
Summer swim teams are staffed by parent volunteers. It is this aspect that makes it fun for everyone. In special situations where a parent can not volunteer at meets, they can be assigned additional volunteer tasks outside the meets.