OPST has a variety of vendors set up for gear and equipment swimmers need for practices and to compete.  Please check the lists below to determine what equipment your swimmer needs according to their practice group. Team veterans - please check the condition/size of equipment you may already own and order as needed. If you have any questions please ask before ordering. PLEASE LABEL ALL OF YOUR SWIMMER'S GEAR.

OPST has a store through the following vendors:

Swim Outlet www.swimoutlet.com/opst

The Swim Shop DE https://www.theswimshopde.com/product-category/teams/summer-teams/ocean-pines/

SquadLocker  SquadLocker  Search for OPST Hammerheads

Chlorine Deck WearOcean Pines Swim Team Shop – Chlorine Deckwear

TEAM SUIT - Swimmer must compete in an all black, Arena brand suit for USA Swimming competitions. Styles can vary, Arena suits that have OPST on them from a previous season are still considered a team suit they can compete in. Black Arena suits can be ordered through Swim Outlet.If you are considering a Tech Suit, please refer to Tech Suit Policy information to ensure you are purchasing the correct suit for your swimmer.

For the DSA Summer season, swimmer's will need an all black competition suit.

COMPETETION CAP - Swimmers should wear the new, GREEN team caps with current logo on it when competing. Contact Jen David or Joy Fink if you need to purchase.


All swimmers should have goggles (and back up pair) and a water bottle at all practices. In addtion, all swimmers will need a kickboard. Any training kickboard will work and are available throughSwim Outlet, The Swim Shop, and Amazon. Mesh Bags are recommended to keep equipment together and for ease of carrying to and from practices. No equipment will be stored at the pool.

Copper, Bronze I, & Bronze II

  • Training Fins
  • Kickboard

Silver I

  • Training Fins
  • Kickboard
  • Pull Buoy

Silver II, Gold & Platinum 

  • Training Fins
  • Kickboard
  • Pull Buoy
  • Dryland Mat

Summer Swimming

  • kickboard

Any purchases are made through Swim Outlet or Amazon that contain Arena Brand items, please forward receipts to [email protected] so that OPST receives credit. For every Arena purchase, we are awarded 30% to use towards equipment for the team. Thank you!