The OPST Parent Code of Conduct

As a parent/guardian of the Ocean Pines Swim Team, I will abide by the following code of conduct:

  1. Demonstrating teamwork with all parents, swimmers, and coaches.
  2. Refraining from coaching or instructing the team or any swimmer at a practice or meets (from the stands or any other area) or interfering with the coaches on the pool deck.
  3. Demonstrating good sportsmanship by conducting myself in a manner that earns the respect of my child, other swimmers, parents, officials and the coaches at meets and practices.
  4. Maintaining self-control at all times and know my role:  Swimmers swim, coaches coach, officials officiate, and parents parent.
  5. By enjoying being part of OPST by supporting the swimmers, coaches and other parents with positive communication and actions.
  6. Directing any questions or concerns regarding decisions made by meet officials to a member of our coaching staff only.
  7. Understand that criticizing, name-calling, use of abusive language or gestures directed toward the coaches, officials, and/or any participating swimmer will not be permitted or tolerated.
  8. Understand that I need to volunteer my time willingly to help the team function.  If I have a swimmer in the meet, I am expected to help run the meet.


Family Participation Policy

OPST has a reputation for being a model team when it comes to volunteering. We have an extraordinary group of families and swimmers who continually dedicate their time and talent to ensure the success of the team.

In order to create a positive environment and maintain success at the highest level, the dedicated efforts of our parents are vital. Hammerhead families are required to volunteer at EVERY meet your swimmer attends. This is the minimum obligation for ALL Hammerhead families.

Volunteering our time and working together as parents provides our swimmers with examples of hard work, commitment, and dedication that are the characteristics and traits that our team strives to instill in our swimmers. Consistent and full participation ensures that duties necessary to host a well-run meet, are evenly shared among all families.  Refer to Volunteer Job Descriptions and communicate with the volunteer coordinator the way(s) in which your family will contribute.



If you have an interest in serving on the OPST Board of Directors, contact the current President. Timing positions will be filled by signing up online for each meet. All other positions are filled on a first come first served basis at the beginning of the season.

The following positions need to be filled ALL DSA meets:

  1. Age Group Parent- 1-2 parents per age/gender group for meets. Assures event information is written on arms, assisting swimmers to starting blocks, and provides general supervision of the group during the meet.
  2. Timers - 30 timers for every meet. This allows timers to split sessions and limit the commitment to half the meet.
  3. DSA Officials - 1 starter, 1 referee, and 4 stroke / turn judges per meet.
  4. Scoring Table - 1-2 parents to assist with entering and validating times.
  5. Ribbon Writers- 2 parents to work at scoring table. Places labels on ribbons and files in swimmer folders.
  6. Meet Runner- 1-parent to collect timer records and deliver to scoring table.
  7. Announcer- Voice of the meet; announces each event and heat number.
  8. Shark Shack- 1-2 parents to staff concessions and apparel for sale.
  9. National Anthem- We encourage our swimmers to volunteer.



Each family asked to participate in fundraising for the team. The team provides several fundraising events throughout the year. Refer to Sponsorship letter in Documents section of website when approaching businesses for support.  Other fundraising activities may be added throughout the year.