OPST participates in several meets per season. A current meet schedule is available on the Web Site. Swimmers are expected to attend those meets that are recommended by the Coaching Staff.  In order to measure progress, it is important for swimmers to attend and compete in meets.

USA meets are held throughout the year. Coaches select the meets in which OPST will participate. The Coaching staff will assign the events to be entered in each meet in order to evaluate progress and to determine the focus of future training. Every meet has a limit to the number of events in which a swimmer may participate each session. Each event that a swimmer is entered has an “Entry Fee” and/or “Facility Fee”. These Fees are non-refundable after the Head Coach has submitted entries for the meet.

All meets require members to declare their commitment to attend via the website. Deadlines are not flexible for USA Meets.

DSA meet entries must be declared online 1 week prior to the meet, unless otherwise noted.

Deck entries for DSA meets will not be accepted. Closely monitor entry deadlines. If your child would like to request certain events, use the NOTE section when committing to a meet to communicate the request. In addition, swimmers should talk to their coach about event requests.

Swimmers are expected to be ON TIME to warm-up for meets. This means being prepared and ready to swim at the designated time for warm-up. The Coaching staff recommends swimmers be on deck 20 minutes prior to the start of warm ups.  It is crucial for athletes to properly warm-up before a competition.  Swimmers are also expected to compete and dress in appropriate OPST apparel. No other team apparel will be tolerated. This apparel includes a current team suit, cap, T-shirt, shorts, and/or sweats.

Parents are discouraged from taking their swimmers to the pool or beach on days of summer season meets. Please be mindful of your child’s hard work by preparing them for competition wisely.

OPST currently participates in two leagues to accommodate our needs as a team on the Eastern Shore. The following information is meant to facilitate the understanding of what each league offers to our swimmers. The 2 competition components of our team currently are:

USA Swimming                                             

USA Swimming is the governing body of the sport. It’s the standard for swimming regardless of age and ability. It’s the level of competitive swimming that will give our swimmers opportunities as they grow in the sport. There is a higher standard for a lot of things but it is not exclusive based on a swimmer’s ability. The higher standard comes in for facilities that host meets, the officials, coaches, referees, and overall organization of a team. There is a place for every swimmer in USA Swimming. The organization and standards of USA Swimming lends itself to producing higher caliber swimmers and more opportunities for everyone.

www.marylandswim.org – This is our LSC Maryland Swimming website.

www.usaswimming.org – This is the website for USA Swimming, the National Governing Body.


Delmarva Swim Association (DSA)                           

DSA governs our summer league, June-July, in which so many of our swimmers participate, learn to love the sport and perhaps choose to pursue the sport year- round.

www.delmarvaswim.org– This is the website for the Delmarva Swim Association (DSA)