One of the most challenging things for parents of new swimmers can be to understand the time standards for competition. This is just an introduction to time standards, as there are many more used throughout the swimming world. Many meets have their own set of standards. Swimmers and parents should use time standards as a guide and as goals throughout the swimmers career, but never as an absolute definition of how successful they are.

The links provided will direct you to the designed times/qualifying times:

2021-2024 USA Motivational Times - every 4 years, USA Swimming establishes time standards for swimmers of every age group that range from B to AAAA to give swimmers benchmarks for goal-setting and to track improvement.  That is, these time standards are intended to motivate swimmers in each age group to work their way up from a B standard to a BB standard and then to an A standard, an AA standard, an AAA standard and finally to an AAAA standard.


2019 - 2020 Maryland LSC Senior Championship Qualifying Times

2019 - 2020 Maryland LSC 14 & U Championship Qualifying Times

2019-2020 Maryland LSC Jr. Championship Qualifying Times

2021 DSA Championship Meet Qualifying Times