• To have the DESIRE to become part of a competitive and successful swim team.
  • Commitment to progress and improvement through hard work and dedication to training.

Individuals wishing to join our Club must be able to complete one length of front crawl and one length of backstroke. All potential members are subject to a proficiency evaluation with a coach before membership is secured.  Upon completion of the evaluation, the coach will decide what group the potential swimmer will be placed in based on swimming ability, age, and strength. Training groups are discussed further in our Policies and Procedures Handbook.



As an athlete representing OPST, all swimmers regardless of age or ability level, will be required to adhere the following:

  1. Conduct themselves with respect and sportsmanship towards teammates and opponents.
  2. Be on time and prepared (both equipment and mentally) for scheduled practices and swim meets.
  3. Behave in an appropriate manner in locker rooms and on the pool deck. Misbehavior can result in the immediate dismissal from OPST at the discretion of the Head Coach.