May Saturday and Sunday 12:00-6:00M and Closed Weekdays
May 31 (Memorial Day) 12:00-8:00PM
June 1-4 Closed weekdays
June 5-6 12:00-8:00
June 7-11 12:30-3:30
June 12-August  12:30-8:00
June 12-August 8 (Weekends) 12:00-8:00
August 9-September 3 (Weekends Only) 12:00-6:00
September 6 (Laobr Day) 12:00-6:00
September 7-October 3 TBD

Additonal swim closures: 

June 19-Parent Party-the pool will close at 6:00PM

July 10-Auction/Dinner-the pool will close at 4:00PM

July 15-Pasta Feed-the pool will close at 5:30PM

Swim Team Meets
The pool closes at 4:00 PM to the general membership on days when the SSC Swim Team is hosting a swim meet during the week. On Saturday morning home meets, the pool will open after the meet concludes (usually around 1:00PM). Please check the Swim Team Calendar for specific dates of team meets.

Cold Weather
The pool will open only if the air temperature is at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Lifeguards will wait to make sure weather is “lasting” and will check with a board member before closing. Call pool to ensure it is open.

Rest Period
General swim is from the “top” of the hour to 50 minutes past, followed by rest period for 10 minutes (age 16 and over permitted in the pool during the rest period); rest periods end on the hour. 

Swim Alternative
Scottsdale Swim Club has a reciprocal agreement with Rancho San Miguel Swim Club. Our members may swim at Rancho San Miguel when our pool is closed.