Meet Sign Ups - Don't miss the Deadline

Ollie Otter

We are just a week away from Time Trials Saturday May 18th and our first meet June 1st, will be here before we know it!

Time Trials:

Participation in the Time Trial meet is important to set baseline times for our swimmers and make sure they are placed in the appropriate heats for upcoming meets. As is required for all meets, you will need to confirm your swimmer(s) participation. The deadline for Time Trial sign up is Wednesday, May 15th.

Meet Sign Ups:

It is critical that our swimmers are signed up for each meet, prior to the deadline (usually the Wednesday prior for Saturday meets and the Sunday prior for Wednesday meets).This allows the coaches to know who is available to swim for each heat and to build the relay teams.  To sign up, go to  the Meet and Team Functions tab @ Walnut Heights Otters Meet and Team Functions.  You can update anytime prior to the deadline.

***If you do not sign up for the meet, your swimmer will not be scheduled to swim. ***

Sign Up Instructions:

For those families new to WHO and as a refresher for our returning families, below are the instructions for signing up.

Once at the Meet and Team Functions tab Walnut Heights Otters Meet and Team Functions, scroll down to the specific meet and click on “Edit Commitment” which is a red box

You will then be taken to the next screen listing your swimmers, their current status and the meet sign up deadline. In order to update the status of each swimmer, click on their name.

Once on this page, you will need to choose, from Declaration drop down box, whether your swimmer is attending or not. Once you have made your declaration, be sure to hit “Save” to update. There is a “View Demo” on the first screen as needed.

See you at Time Trials!