Walnut Heights 2022 Otter Pup Program
will begin May 31st

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The Walnut Heights Swim Club otter pup program is designed for the pre-competitive swimmer ages 4-7. This program is for kids who are comfortable in the water, but do not have an understanding of the competitive swimming strokes. There will be a coach in the water at all times with the otter pups giving instruction. There will be an official graduation at the end of the otter pup session. Our head otter pup coach and is in charge during all otter pup practices. The main goal of this program, is for swimmers to be able to join the 6 and under age group by the end of otter pups.




• Be able to get in and out of the water without assistance

• Be able to get their entire face and head wet

• Swim independently at least 5 yards from the wall and back (does not need to be a competitive stroke)




Otter pup practice will occur Monday through Friday from 1:00 to 1:30 from May 31st until July 14th. Please note that on July 12th there will be a graduation ceremony that may go past 1:30. Coaches will communicate any changes to the schedule.




As stated previously, the goal of the otter pup program is to get swimmers ready to swim with the 6 and under age group. During the otter pup program, each coach will be continuously evaluating their swimmers. Once a swimmer can swim the entire length of the pool with out any assistance, they will be recommended to move up to 6 and under and begin competing in meets. By the end of the program, almost every swimmer should be ready to move up to 6 and under.