Karakung Swim Club

1800 Karakung Drive

Havertown, PA 19083


Wait list fee: $55.00 non-refundable

Bond: $500.00, of which up to $450.00 is refundable upon Bond redemption

1st Active Bond Member: $600.00

Additional family members on Bond: $42.50

Senior Member: 

Senior Member - Single Member: $257.00

Senior Member - Two Members: $304.50

*Senior status is applicable to the current bondholder and spouse or partner, provided that both individuals are 62 or older and reside at the same residence.

Special Membership: $150.00

*A person whose primary residence is in the household of an Active Member may qualify for Special Membership.

In addition, a person who serves as a child care provider for an Active Member may also qualify for Special Membership.

In order to be considered for Special Membership, the Active Member seeking such membership shall complete and submit an Application for Special Membership to the Board. The Board shall consider each Application for Special Membership at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting after the submission of the Application and vote whether to approve the Application.

August Membership: $310.00

Leasing your Bond: 1 time option to lease your Bond for 1 season in lieu of turning it in: $100.00

Intermediate Membership: 

Intermediate Membership - Single Member: $388.50

Intermediate Membership - Two Members: $441.00

*Intermediate Membership is for families who have been a member for at least 5 years and no longer have dependent children on their membership. By switching to this membership you will be redeeming your bond and will lose voting privileges.

If you have any questions about your dues or would like to change the status of your membership please email: [email protected]