Karakung Swim Club

1800 Karakung Drive

Havertown, PA 19083


The following Rules and Regulations (collectively the “Rules”) are for the protection and benefit of all members. ALL MEMBERS MUST FOLLOW THE RULES and obey the instructions of the Pool Manager, Assistant Manager(s) and all other Pool employees (“Pool Management Team”). The Rules are not exhaustive and include common sense interpretation and extensions of the Rules to fulfill their stated general purposes. Any failure to comply with the Rules may result in suspension of pool privileges and/or cancellation of membership as set forth in the KSC Bylaws.


A. Swim Test: Children aged 10 and under must pass a swimming test given by the
Pool Management Team before use of the dive and slide area of the main pool.

B. Balls in the Pool : “Soft” balls may be used in the pool at the discretion of the Pool
Management Team but may be disallowed on crowded days. Tennis balls are
prohibited. Hard and heavy balls are also prohibited.

C. No Running, No Rough Play: No running on the deck. No wrestling in the pool. No
climbing on shoulders in the pool (“chicken fights”). Refrain from causing undue
disturbances in or out of the pool.

D. Pets: Pets are not allowed on the pool grounds.

E. Diving Board: Only 1 person is allowed on the diving board at a time. This includes
the entire diving board structure. Diving is at your own risk.

F. Discretion and Enforcement: The Pool Management Team has complete discretion
to enforce these rules and/or impose additional rules for the safety and well-being of
our members and guests. The Pool Management Team may refuse entry to the
facilities or eject anyone from the facilities.


A. Food and Beverage: Glass containers of any sort are strictly forbidden anywhere in
the Club. Food is not allowed in the main pool or baby pool area; food may be
consumed in the snack bar area, the picnic area, or by the basketball courts.
Cooking of any kind, including small barbecue grills, is prohibited. Littering is
prohibited. Please clean up after yourselves and your guests.

B. Music: Although the use of a personal bluetooth speaker or portable radio is
permitted, the volume must be low enough that it will not disturb nearby members.

C. Alcohol and Smoking: Consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or
other items is prohibited.

D. Abusive Language: Abusive language and profanity is prohibited.

E. Baby Pool: Use of the baby pool shall be limited to children 8 years of age and

F. Diapers: Children must be toilet trained to use the main pool; diapers are not

G. Floats: Floating aids are not allowed in the main pool, except as needed for persons
with disabilities or if otherwise approved by the Pool Management Team.

H. Do not talk to lifeguards while they are on duty.

I. Members are responsible for the conduct of their children and guests. By using the
club, members assume the risk of damage or loss of any belongings they bring to the

J. Use of the pool is strictly prohibited when there are no lifeguards on duty. Any
member using the pool when no lifeguard is on duty will be disciplined.

K. Karakung Creek and the SEPTA railroad track area are completely off-limits. Any
member who enters the SEPTA track area will be severely punished including a
30-day membership suspension for the first violation.


A. Members must present their membership card or bond number to be admitted to the

B. Membership cards are not transferable - you cannot “loan” it to anyone under any
circumstances. Your membership may be terminated if improper use of the
membership card has been established.

C. Only members and their guests are permitted on the grounds of the club. The Pool
Management Team may request evidence of membership if there is any question of


A. Guests will be permitted only when accompanied and registered by an eligible
member. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and must
familiarize them with the rules.

B. Guest rates are established each year and are payable in cash by the member at the
pool gate entrance. There will be no cash refunds, even in the event of closure due
to inclement weather.

C. Admittance of guests is at the discretion of the Pool Management Team. A maximum
of 50 guests may be allowed on any single day. Guests may not be permitted at all
on busy days.

D. Members guilty of violating the guest regulations may be subject to loss of all


A. Members age 11 or older may attend the pool without a parent/chaperone. All
members under age 11 must be accompanied by a parent/chaperone who is at least
14 years old.

B. Members aged 11, 12, or 13, may bring guests, but if the guest is also aged 13 or
younger, a KSC member who is at least 14 years old must “sponsor” the guest and
chaperone the guest throughout the guest’s time at the pool.


Any member that has symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive for COVID-19 must not
come to the pool until 10 days after the symptoms began. Any member who believes that he or
she was exposed to COVID-19 during the past 5 days must not come to the pool.


A. Monday through Saturday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm, Sunday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm

B. The pool will close at 8:00 PM starting the second week in August.

C. The pool will be closed when necessary for maintenance, cleaning, or repair

D. The pool will not be available to members during scheduled swimming meets and
only half of the pool will be open during diving meets.


A. Cars may be parked in spaces indicated. Entrances, exits, and roadways shall be
kept clear at all times.

B. The fire lane area in front of the pool must be kept clear at all times.

C. Members shall drive slowly and carefully on driveways and the parking area.

D. Bicycles must be parked at the bicycle rack.