The following important Safety Protocols have been established for the 2021 season in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. These protocols are designed to keep swimmers, coaches and staff safe, and are subject to change as County and State Health guidelines change. Please check back regularly for updates.

Last updated: January 29, 2021



  1. The LT Spring Clinic and Summer Swim Team programs are designed to prepare swimmers for a competitive environment.  These are not a “learn to swim” program.  Coaches will not be in the water with swimmers.  To be eligible for this program, swimmers must be able to complete a 25-yard lap of freestyle unassisted.
  2. Due to capacity restrictions, no parents, siblings, or spectators will be allowed to enter the pool deck during practice sessions. 
  3. A dedicated Covid-19 Monitor / Lifeguard will be on duty at all workouts.  
  4. There will be a 5 minute break between practice groups to allow the dedicated Covid-19 Monitor to disinfect surfaces, shower handles and restrooms, and will check the chemical levels in the pool.
  5. Las Trampas will adhere to Contra Costa County's guidelines for social distancing amongst swimmers. The maximum number of swimmers in each practice group will be determined closer to the registration window.
  6. Coaches and swimmers will maintain a minimum 6 feet of distance from one another at all times.
  7. Swimmers will bring their own gear.  Please make sure that your swimmer is equipped with  goggles, towel and water bottle.  Swim caps are required for all swimmers with hair that goes past the collar.
  8. Swimmers must be able to put on their own goggles, carry their own belongings, and wrap themselves in their own towel at the end of practice.  Coaches will not be able to help swimmers with handling gear.  If you are concerned that your swimmer will be unable to manage his or her own goggles, please strongly consider whether this is the right program for your swimmer.  
  9. Swimmers must arrive dressed and ready to enter the pool.  Changing onsite is not allowed.
  10. Swimmers of all ages will be required to wear a mask at all times while on LT property, unless actively working out.  Swimmers may remove their masks immediately before getting in the pool and must replace masks immediately after getting out of the pool.
  11. Coaches will wear masks while on LT property except when actively leading a practice. This is to allow their voices to be heard. While on deck, coaches will remain AT LEAST 6 feet from any coach or swimmer at all times. Coaches will wear a mask when entering and exiting pool gates and at any time when a 6 foot distance cannot be maintained.

Arrival and Departure Flow

Upon arrival: Swimmers should enter through the west gate (next to Snack Shack), using the provided hand sanitizer on the way in.  Swimmers should arrive at Las Trampas wearing masks.  Each swimmer will be assigned to a lane and side of the pool (#1-6, North side vs. South side). Swimmers will drop personal belongings at designated spots on the lawn.

Upon completion of practice, each swimmer exits the pool, towels off, and collects gear from the designated grass area.  The swimmer then puts on his/her mask and exits the pool deck via the east (main) gate without delay, and without touching any surfaces.  Sanitizer will also be available at the exit. Swimmers must adhere to social distancing guidelines until they are safely inside personal vehicles.  

Timeliness for drop-off and pickup will be essential to the success of this program.  


LT Facility Hazard Mitigation Measures

Locker room changing areas will be unavailable.  

Restrooms will be available on an as-needed basis, but swimmers are encouraged to use the restroom at home. The Covid Monitor will disinfect restrooms after each use.  

Outdoor showers will be unavailable except for emergency use.  Please plan for your swimmer to shower at home.  If the shower is used, the Covid monitor will disinfect the faucet.  

All swimmers will be required to bring their own water bottles for hydration.  The shared drinking fountain will be covered and inaccessible.  

Pool furniture will remain in storage and unavailable for use. 

The diving board will be closed and unavailable for use. 

The Toddler Pool will be unavailable for use during swim team practice.  

The Lifeguard Office will be completely off-limits to swimmers.


Las Trampas Clinic Codes of Conduct 

Swimmers and parents will be asked to read and sign a Code of Conduct, acknowledging that they will comply with Clinic policies in the interest of safety to themselves, other swimmers, and Coaches.  A copy of this Code of Conduct will be sent to your family for review and signature, and must be returned prior to the first day of Clinic. 


Swimmer Code of Conduct

Swimmers will wear a mask at all times while on Las Trampas property, except when in the water.  Swimmers will arrive with a mask on, remove prior to getting in the pool, and replace after drying off.  Masks will be worn until the swimmer has entered a personal vehicle or left property via biking or walking.

Swimmers will adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times. This includes following one-way entry and exit protocol, and maintaining a 6 foot distance on deck, in the pool, and at the pick-up area.

Swimmers will arrive in their swimsuits and change at home after the clinic.

Restrooms will be available on an as-needed basis but swimmers are encouraged to use facilities at home. 

Swimmers will not use showers at the pool. Showers are only available on an emergency basis.

Swimmers will bring their own water bottles.

Swimmers will wear a mask upon arrival, remove immediately prior to entering the water, and immediately replace upon getting out of the water.

Swimmers will bring their own goggles, swim cap, towel, etc. each day.

Swimmer-to-swimmer and swimmer-to-coach contact is not allowed. Spitting, splashing and any general roughhousing is strictly forbidden.

Parent Code of Conduct

Parents, guardians and siblings will not enter the pool deck at any time. 

Parents, guardians and siblings will wear a mask when on pool property at all times.

Parents will verify that swimmers have all necessary equipment prior to dropping off at the pool, including but not limited to:  goggles, caps, towel, water bottle, sunscreen, mask.

Parents will be timely in dropping off and picking up swimmers.

Code of Conduct Violations

To be sanctioned by Coaching and Lifeguard Staff in consultation with the Swim Team Directors:

First Warning - Dismissal from Clinic session.

Second Warning - Suspension from Clinic program.  

Please direct all questions, comments or concerns to the Las Trampas Swim Team Directors.