2022 LTST Parent Jobs & Responsibilities

Recreational swim meets (which require over one hundred volunteers each) are entirely run by parents.  Parents also organize and lead the many fun activities we do as a team throughout the year.  This is what makes our LTST community strong and our team so successful!  Most families make life-long friendships and find the experience of working with the team incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.  Swimmers also appreciate growing up around so many kind, fun, and warm families, all of whom are pouring their hearts into such a great organization and sport! 


That said, unlike other recreational sports, swim team is a significant family time commitment and we understand that it might not be for everyone.  Please read this page carefully before deciding whether or not to register your child(ren) for swim team.

The Parent Job responsibilities associated with joining the Swim Team in 2022 are as follows:
  • For the 2022 season, each LTST family is responsible for signing up for 25 Job Points.  Parent Job descriptions and their associated point values are outlined HERE.
  • Each LTST family is responsible for providing lunch for our Coaches 1 time during the season (with a partner family) 
  • Parent Job preview days are April 16 and 17.
  • Parent Job Signups will open at 12:00 PM on April 18.
  • Families who do not meet the point requirement by signing up on their own will be assigned jobs by the Parent Job Coordinators.
New families may find it helpful to watch this tutorial video in advance: How to Sign Up for Parent Jobs
The job point requirement is subject to change based on total number of meets and the number of LTST families that register for the season.  

Families who only have Mudskipper/Developmental Seahorse swimmers, or only have 15-18 year old swimmers are NOT required to work Parent Jobs.

Due to the ongoing COVID19 situation, we have done our best to predict which jobs will be needed throughout the season. While we feel confident that this summer will return us to pre-pandemic types of events and competition, things are always subject to change.  There is a chance that the job you sign up for may be altered out of necessity. We thank you in advance for your flexibility to ensure we have a safe and fun swim season. 

The Parent Job Coordinators for the 2022 season are:

Sarah Graff - [email protected]

Dana Herman - [email protected]


Check In With Parent Job Coordinators

The 20-30 minute period before a swim meet or event starts is a very busy time.  It is imperative that Parent Job workers arrive for their assigned jobs at the scheduled time, and CHECK IN with the Job Coordinators upon arrival. This ensures that our meets and events can begin on time, in an organized fashion.  


Failure to check in with the Parent Job Coordinators could result in a Late / No-Show Fine, described below.



We observe a strict  “Late / No-Show” policy outlined in full HERE. Failure to observe the policy results in a fine of $150 per infraction. Fines must be paid before your swimmer will be entered into the next meet. Fines are payable by check, Venmo or PayPal to Las Trampas Swim Team, and coordinated by the team Treasurer, Marisa Lynn.


Parent Job Buyouts

There are a limited number of Parent Job Buyouts available in 2022. Please email Sarah Graff and Dana Herman if you are interested in a Parent Job Buyout. Buyouts are $450 and exempt you from the 25 point parent jobs. You will still be responsible for Coaches' Lunch, Battle of the Ages jobs (if you particiate) and DCSL Championship Meet jobs. If you are interested in buying out of your Parent Job obligation, please send an email to our Job Coordinators, Dana and Sarah by this Saturday, 4/16, at 6pm. The names of interested families will be drawn out of a hat and notified by Sunday, April 17.




Please see detailed policies and descriptions about Parent Job Substitutes HERE. Pay special attention to the Parent Jobs that may NOT be performed by Substitutes.


If you have hired a Substitute to cover your Parent Job, you are required to email Sarah Graff and Dana Herman at least 24 hours before the assigned job check-in time.


Star Jobs

There are some jobs on the swim team that require specific training, or work done behind the scenes. These “Star Job” positions are critical to the team. For the list of Star Jobs & Star Job Holders, please visit our Star Job page. Star Job holders do not perform Jobs toward a Job Point total, but do provide Coaches' Lunch & work Invitational Jobs if applicable.

Thank you for showing your commitment to the LT community by being a helpful, reliable, punctual Seahorse parent.