2020 LTST Parent Jobs & Responsibilities




Parent Jobs are a critical component of swim team.  It takes timers, snack shack workers, BBQ grillers, shepherds, and ribbon filers to make each meet run smoothly AND it takes fundraiser workers, setup/breakdown helpers, and food servers to make our social and spirit events fun and successful.  


Thank you for taking your commitment to the team seriously by being a helpful, reliable, punctual Seahorse parent.


Please sign up for Parent Jobs when you register your swimmer for the team (beginning April 9th).  You MUST register before you sign up for any jobs.

The following responsibilities apply to each swim team family:

  1. 30 points of Parent Job work (see details below)
  2. 1 Coaches’ Lunch
  3. 1 Invitational meet job for participating families

The Parent Job Coordinators for the 2019 season are Marisa Canoles and Sarah Graff.  

Marisa Canoles - marisa.canoles@gmail.com

Sarah Graff - sarahsgraff@gmail.com


In the 2019 season, we will be converting swim team Parent Job signups to a new, more simplified structure.  There will no longer be two separate categories of Meet Jobs and Committee Jobs. Instead, all non-Star jobs associated with running swim meets, social events, and spirit activities will be consolidated into a single category of Parent Jobs.  


All Parent Job shifts will be assigned point values based on the approximate amount of time associated with the job.  Each family is required to sign up for and work 30 job points.  When you sign up for jobs, you will have the flexibility to choose how you get to your 30 point total.  Any combination that adds to 30 fulfills your obligation to the team.


Click here for How to Register for Jobs

Click here for How to Check Your Parent Job Schedule


When you are signed up to work, please check in with Marisa Canoles or Sarah Graff upon arrival to the pool. Check-in times are 20-60 minutes before the meet or event begins, depending on the job.  You will receive a pre-meet confirmation email 1-2 days before meets when you are assigned to work.


Families who are brand new to swim team are discouraged from performing jobs at Time Trials.  This meet is best spent observing how a meet is run and helping your swimmer(s) get through their swims successfully.  





If you cannot honor your Parent Job obligation, it is your responsibility to find a Substitute for your shift. A Substitute is defined as a worker other than the swimmer’s parent or legal guardian.  


Please follow these 3 steps when hiring a Substitute:

  1. Secure the Substitute.  Inform your Substitute of the date, time and location of the shift, and a description of the job you need them to work.  Remind them to check in with the Parent Job Coordinators (Marisa or Sarah) upon arrival at the meet/event.
  2. Coordinate payment directly with your Substitute (suggested rate is $15 hour)
  3. At least 24 hours before the job assignment time, email Marisa Canoles and Sarah Graff with the name, email address and cell phone number of your substitute.  Failure to email your Substitute’s contact information at least 24 hours in advance will result in a $75 fine (see Fines section below).

A list of experienced LT Substitutes is available via a Google Doc. Please email Marisa Canoles or Sarah Graff for access to the list.  You are not required to use one of the listed people (you may hire any responsible neighbor, friend, or family member). The list is a resource that is available to you, but we do not guarantee the availability of Substitutes on this list.  As such, we recommend securing your Substitutes well in advance.


Marisa Canoles - marisa.canoles@gmail.com

Sarah Graff - sarahsgraff@gmail.com


The following rules apply when hiring a Substitute.  If you aren’t sure whether or not your Substitute qualifies to work, please check with the Parent Job Coordinators.  Thanks!

  1. In general, Substitutes must be at least 15 years old
  2. Snack Shack workers must be at least 18 years old (this applies to meets, Snack Shack Tuesdays, etc.)
  3. Substitutes working at adult social events (i.e. Happy Hours, Moms’ Night, Dads’ Night) must be at least 21 years old
  4. Substitutes may not perform the Shepherd job
  5. Substitutes may not perform the BBQ job
  6. Substitutes must arrive on time and stay until the end of the meet or event, unless a shorter shift is noted.  



Please note, the 20-30 minute period before a swim meet or event starts is a very busy time.  It is imperative that Parent Job workers arrive for their assigned jobs and check in with the Job Coordinators so that our meets and events can begin on time, in an organized fashion.  


A $75 fine is imposed for the following:

  • Failure by parent to assign a Substitute if the parent is unable to work
  • Failure by parent or Substitute to check in with the Parent Job Coordinators
  • Failure by parent or Substitute to arrive on time (fee imposed after 15 minutes late)
  • Failure by parent or Substitute to stay for the duration of the event or meet
  • Failure by parent to email the Jobs Coordinators with the name, cell phone number, and email address of a scheduled Substitute at least 24 hours in advance of the job assignment

It is your responsibility to communicate these policies to your Substitute.


Fines must be paid before your swimmer will be entered into the next meet.


Fines are payable by check or PayPal to Las Trampas Swim Team, and coordinated by the team Treasurer, Marisa Lynn (2019 season).  




After registration closes on April 20, we will know the total number of families participating in swim team for the 2019 season.  At that time, if all essential Parent Job roles have been filled, we will offer a limited number of Parent Job Buyouts. The number of buyouts that we are able to offer depends on the total number of registered swim team families.  


The Parent Job Buyout cost will be $500 payable via check to Las Trampas Swim Team.  Buyouts will cover the full 30-point Parent Job requirement. Buyout requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.  


Please note:

  • Families who buy out of their Parent Jobs are still responsible for providing Coaches’ Lunch once during the season.
  • Even those families interested in a Parent Job Buyout should sign up for Parent Jobs when going through the swim team registration process. If your Buyout request is accommodated, we will release you from those jobs.


If you are interested in requesting a Parent Job Buyout, please email Marisa Canoles at marisa.canoles@gmail.com.  



*Families that only have Mudskipper/Developmental or only have 15-18 swimmers are not required to work any jobs.
**The job point requirement is subject to change based on total number of meets and the number of LT swim team families for the season.  


Star Jobs

There are some jobs on the swim team that require specific training, or work is done behind the scenes. These “Star Job” positions are critical to the team. For the list of Star Jobs & Star Job Holders, please visit our Star Job page.  Star Job holders do not work Meet Jobs or Committee Jobs, but do provide Coaches' Lunch & work Invitational Jobs if applicable.


Swim Parenting: How to be a Supportive Swim Parent

Good parental support is the foundation of a successful swim program.  Parents are needed in many areas for the team to function efficiently.  All families and parents are asked to contribute in areas such as meets, team socials and coach appreciation.  Everyone has something to offer.  Below are some guidelines that will help you and your swimmer:

Keep your swimmer Healthy
See that your swimmer gets proper rest and nutrition, including a good breakfast.  The summer workout schedule requires endurance!

Be Informed
Keep yourself informed by reading the information found on this website.  Check the Team Bulletin Boards everyday for sign-ups, meet information and posters.

Positive Attitude
Support the team and the coaches with a positive attitude

Participate in Parent Jobs 
We cannot do it without you! 

Be on Time
Be considerate.  Please make sure your swimmers arrive in time to all workouts and meets.

Don’t Disturb the Coaches - TRY E-MAIL

PLEASE do not try to talk to the coaches while they are conducting a workout, teaching a lesson or observing a swim meet.  Consider the pool deck a classroom.  If the coach is not talking to the swimmers, he/she is thinking, watching and analyzing.   If you wish to speak with a coach, please do so after practice, or better yet, if you have a question or concern, please bring the issue to the attention of the Directors and the Head Coach via email using the addresses provided on the CONTACTS page of this site. 

Practice Makes Perfect
Make every attempt to attend all practices.  The most improved swimmers are usually the swimmers who attend workouts on a regular basis.

Have Fun!