Parent Job Descriptions

Please familiarize yourself with these job descriptions before signing up for a Parent Job shift.  

Parent Job signups will open on April 18, 2022 at 12:00 PM.

Questions about Parent Jobs?  Email Sarah Graff and Dana Herman, Parent Job Coordinators.


  • Timer / Recorder (2-5 points per meet or event)

    • Record times for each race. 

    • Half of the timers are from the host team and half are from the away team.  

    • The Recorder makes note of times for each race. 

    • The Head Timer will give instructions about 10 minutes before the meet starts.  

    • Be sure to sit in a chair marked for Las Trampas.

    • Remember that you are expected to time for the entire meet.  The Relief Timer may provide you a quick break, and will be providing breaks to ALL LTST timers.  Please be considerate by limiting the length of your break.  

    • Please limit your distractions while timing; your full attention is important.  

  • Job Reliever (3-4 points per meet or event)

    • ​​Relieve LT timers and Snack Shack workers for a short break

    • Introduce yourself to all LT timers before the meet begins, then sit near the Head Timer so that you are visible if any timers need a short break. Check in with the timers on a regular basis.

    • Occasionally check in with the Snack Shack workers in case anyone needs a short break.

    • On hot days, you may also be asked to pass water to the timers.

  • Ribbons (4 points per meet)

    • Receive placement labels from the desk and adhere them to the appropriate ribbons.  File our team's ribbons in each swimmer's folder.  

    • This job requires you to stay until the very end of the swim meet, and possibly for a short time after the final race has been swum. 

    • For Away meets, you are responsible for picking up the portable ribbon file box at Las Trampas pool prior to the meet, filing the ribbons in the permanent file boxes at LT, and returning the portable file box to LT following the meet.  

  • BBQ (3-4 points per meet or event) 

    • Run the BBQ at swim meets or social events; cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, etc. 

    • Clean the BBQ after the meet / event. 

    • Previous grilling experience is required.

    • POLICY as of 2019: This job may not be performed by a Substitute. 

  • Runner (3-4 points per meet or event) 

    • Collect the time slips from the recorders at the end of each race and deliver them to the desk.  

  • Shepherd (2-3 points per meet) 

    • Organize and line up the 6 & Unders and 7/8s for their events.

    • POLICY as of 2019: This job may not be performed by a Substitute.  

    • There is more detailed information about Shepherding below. 

  • Snack Shack (3-6 points per meet or event)
    • Help prepare food, work the window, clean up and other responsibilities in the snack shack as assigned by the Snack Shack Manager and/or Assistant Manager.

    • The Health Department requires that Snack Shack workers wear a hat or hair net.  

    • Snack Shack workers must be at least 18 years old. 

  • Line Monitor (2 points per meet) 

    • Monitor the 6 & Under and 7/8 swimmers while they are lined up behind the blocks before their races, in an effort to help them get to their races on time. 

    • Ensure that the swimmers stay organized and distanced from one another.  

    • This job may not be performed by a Substitute.  

  • Parking Lot Monitor (2 points per meet) 

    • ​Help direct traffic in the Church parking lot (across the street from LT) during Wednesday evening Home Meets, from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm. 


Additional details about Shepherding

Check in with the Head Shepherd to receive your lane assignment, lane sheets and shepherd apron.  You must check in at least 20 minutes before the meet starts.  Head Shepherds in 2022 are Sarah & Christopher McCune, and Sarah & Jeff Stack.

Following the team cheer and approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet, the Head Shepherd will ring a bell announcing lineup for Medley Relay.

Stand by your lane cone.  Collect the children in your lane.  Arrange them in order according to your lane sheets.

Check the sign-in sheets if you are missing a swimmer.   Advise one of the coaches if the swimmer is not at the meet. (It is not your responsibility to locate a swimmer.)

For the Medley and Free Relays you will need a partner.  Sort out the swimmers who need to be at the Big Blocks (near the timers).  Your partner will take these swimmers to that end of the pool. Stay with the rest of your group at the other end.  Click here for information on how to read the meet program.

Keep the swimmers in line, and try to minimize horseplay.