2022 POP Times!

At Awards Night, every swimmer with 12 or more “pops” this season will receive an embroidered Pop Towel.

A Pop Time is a new personal best time in an event in the current swim season.  Results from the first races of the season, which for most swimmers will be the LTST time trials, are the starting point for calculating “pops”.  Times do not carry over from prior swim seasons.

Some swim meets, including the DCSL Championship Meet, require LTST to submit swimmer times (seed times) prior to the final dual meet(s) of the season.  Improvement over a seed time is not a “pop” unless it is a also new personal best for the season. 

Swimmers may view their pop time totals at the NEW DCSL LEAGUE DATABASE.

The pop time boards at the pool are for everyone’s motivation and enjoyment, but they are unofficial and do occasionally contain errors.  If there is a mistake on the pop time board the DCSL database will be definitive, not the results reflected on the pop time boards.