Las Trampas History

Las Trampas is a private pool located at St. Mary’s Road and Glenside Drive. It was organized and operated by families in the area.  Following a year plus of planning and construction, Las Trampas Pool was opened for use on August 17, 1958.  The pictures here are from opening day at Las Trampas in 1958!

There was a wading pool for the little folk, a diving area for the ambitious, a long in-between waterway for plenty of swimmers, and much green grass for sunbathers.  A picnic area was added later.  Five hundred twenty three people showed up that first day.  The cost of the pool, wading pool, heater and filters was close to $22,000.00.  The concrete decking was $4,500.00 and the bathhouse cost approximately $16,000.00.

There were two hundred original families, each contributing $270.00 toward the building of the pool with a later assessment to finish the parking lot.  The land consisting of 1.2 acres was purchased from The Utah Construction Company for $15,000.00 and was once part of Rancho Laguna De Los Palos Colorados.  Several charter members still retain their membership in Las Trampas today.

The Swim Team came into existence in 1964, joined the Diablo Valley Swim League in 1965 and has had active participation and interest ever since.