2020 Las Trampas Swim Team Program
Program Overview
Las Trampas Swim Team is a family oriented, parent supported, non-profit member of the Diablo Community Swim League. It is a summer recreational program for children and young adults that enjoy improving their swimming skills in a competitive atmosphere. Emphasis placed on individual improvement, teamwork, team spirit and fun. Our swim team competes against other teams in dual meets, invitational meets, and the Contra Costa County Championship meet.  Swim team also includes a wide variety of social and spirit events.
In order to participate in the Las Trampas Swim Team you must be (i) a member of Las Trampas Pool (except 15-18 swimmers), or, with Swim Director approval, on the waiting list for Las Trampas Pool membership, (ii) able to swim 25 yards of freestyle without stopping, and (iii) no older than 18 years as of June 15, 2020. 
Information on our two pre-swim team programs is available under the "Swim Programs" tab or click here: 2020 Mudskippers and Developmental 6U .  Information on becoming a pool member is available on our pool website: www.lastrampaspool.com.
Program Cost
6 & Under, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14 Age Groups = $370
15-18 Age Group = $30
Additional Costs
$30 (2) Personalized Team Caps (required for new team members / optional for returning members)
Mandatory Team Suit (sold separately)
*Additional processing fee applies to all charges.
Registration is required for each swimmer before entering the water.
PARENT JOBS OPEN APRIL 7th, 2020 at 6pm ( Preview available April 6th)

Optional Program for Swimmers
Private Lessons:  Las Trampas will once again be offering swim team members the opportunity to supplement their regular practice schedule with private lessons with our head coach and assistant coaches.  Lessons will start on June 10th and take place in the afternoon after 6&U practice ends.  A separate charge applies. 
LTST Swimmer Responsibilities for the 2020 Season
  • Attend practice as much as possible.  Daily swim practice is important for swimmers to learn stroke technique and to build strength and  stamina, as well as to build rapport with teammates and coaches. Click here for the practice schedule.
  • Twice weekly meets are an important part of swim team.  Do your best to swim whatever and whenever you are asked by the coach. 
  • Check the meet program so you know which events you are swimming.
  • Encourage all team members to do their best.  Everyone is important to our team and our goal is to help everyone achieve his or her best.  
  • Older swimmers should set a good example for younger team members.
  • Do not destroy or damage members’ items, pool equipment, or facilities at home or away. Inconsiderate or damaging behavior may result in barring swimmer from meets or possible expulsion from the team (without refunds).  Never climb or play on pool cover rollers. (Parents of older swimmers may be required to attend meets and social event to ensure that these guidelines are respected.)
LTST Parent Responsibilities for the 2020 Season
The following job requirements apply to each family*:
  • Parent Jobs totaling 30 points.  Please sign up for Parent Jobs when you register your child(ren) for swim team. When you sign up for jobs, you will have the flexibility to choose how you get to your 30-point total.  For example, if it suits your schedule to perform five 6-point shifts, you are welcome to do so.  If you prefer to spread your jobs out into ten 3-point shifts, that’s fine too! Any combination that adds to 30 fulfills your obligation to the team.
  • Coaches' Lunch – 1 lunch
  • Invitational Job – 1 meet job per invitational meet in which your child swims (in addition to the jobs noted above).               
*Families that only have Mudskippers/Developmental or only have 15-18 swimmers are not required to work any jobs.
**The number of points required is subject to change based on total number of meets and the number of LT swim team families registered for the season.  
Star Job holders do not work the standard 30 Parent Job Points, but do provide Coaches' Lunch & work Invitational Jobs if applicable.
Please click on the Parent Jobs tab for more details
Parent Responsibilities
  • Coaches coach and parents cheer!  Please respect the coaching staff by not coaching during practices and meets. The parents’ job is to cheer on and encourage their swimmer(s).
  • Always check the Meet Program to see which events your swimmer will be swimming.
  • Mark your 8&U swimmer's hand for event, heat and lane assignment. Here's "How To"
  • If your swimmer is sick or injured and will not be able to swim at a meet, please notify a coach or director, prior to the meet. If it is a DCSL league meet, we must be notified at least one hour before the meet in order to make the appropriate changes to the program.
  • See that your swimmers arrive on time for warm-ups.
  • Parents of 8&U swimmers are responsible for ensuring that their swimmers report to their shepherd when the bell rings for their event.
  • Shepherds are not responsible for tracking down swimmers.  They are responsible for lining up swimmers in the proper lane and heat order at the correct end of the pool (this is amazingly hard to do with 20 or more 5-8 year olds!).  They will also remind swimmers which stroke or event is being swum.  Swimmers who do not come when the bell rings may miss their event.
  • Do not leave the meet before checking with the coaches, in case your swimmer was entered late into an event.
  • Remember that you are responsible for all children that you bring to a meet at home or away!
  • Questions should be presented to the Swim Directors or coaching staff before or after a meet, not during it.
  • You are responsible for cleaning your personal area when you leave. Deposit trash in the trash cans or recycle bins, look around for towels, clothes, shoes, etc. that may be yours. Put any unidentified items in the lost and found.
Swim Meets
Meet Entries
Swim meets are an important part of swim team.  Two meets are scheduled for each week during the season. Saturday meets typically end around 12:30 pm.  Wednesday meets typically end around 9 p.m.  Directions for away meets are provided on the 'Pool Locations' tab.  Not all swimmers will necessarily swim in all meets. Swimmers must declare for a meet a few days in advance but coaches will ultimately determine the swimmers for each meet based on times recorded, attendance, and attitude.
Coaches enter individual swimmers in up to, but no more than 2 individual events and 2 relays.  The coaching staff determines how many and which events each swimmer enters based upon numerous factors, including the type of meet.  The desk team then reviews these entries, coordinates with the other team(s), makes changes (if needed), and puts a meet program together. A lot of thought and effort from coaches and the desk team go into to running a good meet. The desk team emails the meet program to participants and also posts the meet program to the team website, typically by 9 p.m. the evening before the event; sooner if it is available.
Please do not question coaches about their placement of a swimmer in a particular event or meet.  If you have concerns, please talk to the Swim Directors.  No changes will be made to a meet program once it’s posted.
Types of Meets
Time Trials
This is our first meet of the season at Las Trampas.  Each swimmer on our team is timed in as many events as he/she is able to swim, giving the coaches starting times for the season.  All swimmers are strongly urged to attend so a “base” time may be established for improvement and "pops".
League Meets
League meets are dual meets. There are seven meets that are set by the Diablo Community Swim League (DCSL).  These meets are scored according to the DCSL Rules.  Wins and losses in our league of eight teams will be used to rank each team for the DCSL Championship Meet.
There will typically be fewer heats in League meets. The DCSL asks coaches to enter the 3 fastest times, with attendance and attitude at practice weighing heavily in consideration.
Non-League Meets
These meets are dual meets with teams from outside the DCSL League.  These meets tend to have more heats so coaches will try to enter as many swimmers as possible.  Scoring is based upon the on the policies of the host team.
Invitational Meets:
Las Trampas typically attends a few invitational meets during the summer. All families with a swimmer entered in an invitational must work a meet job at that meet (including star job holders).  Look for Invitational Job Sign-Ups approximately 2 weeks before the invitational meet.  The meets are attended as a team and are as follows for 2020:
Pleasant Hill Aquatics 9 & Under Invitational Meet
This is a one day meet held on May 30th. Only swimmers ages 9 and under by June 15th, 2020 are invited to attend.  More information will be provided shortly.
Battle of the Ages Invitational Meet
This two-day invitational meet is held the 3rd weekend in June.  It is hosted by The Pleasant Hill Dolfins and takes place at The Pleasant Hill Education Center Pool. Swimmers entered into this meet will swim against swimmers of their specific age, i.e. 7 year olds against 7 year olds, 9 against 9, etc. This is a great meet for swimmers in their down year to compete against swimmers of their own age. Events include a few non-traditional swims, so an 8 year old might swim a 100 Free, while a 15 year old might swim a 50 Free.
DSCL Championship (aka "League Meet") 
This meet will be held on July 18th, 2020. Each swimmer may swim a maximum of 2 strokes and 2 relays.  Coaches will determine which events each swimmer swims.  Six swimmers are chosen and entered for each relay, two of which are alternates, who must be available to swim the relay.  LTST pays all entry fees. 
Contra Cost County Championship Meet (aka "County")
The Contra Costa County Championship Meet is hosted by the LMYA Swim Team.  All rules and entry times are set by LMYA.  A swimmer must meet the LMYA qualifications in order to swim in the meet.   Qualifying times for 2020 will be available at under the "Goal Times" tab or click here "County Qualifying Times". In 2020, the County Meet will be 3-day meet, July 31st - August 2nd at Acalanes High School.  Further information will be provided to parents of County qualifiers before the meet.
Please check back frequently for updates