Swimmers are encouraged to compete against their own personal best in order to improve over the summer.  We recognize continued improvement in several ways:

Personal Best or “Pop” Times:  Each time a swimmer swims a personal best time ("pops" his/her time) at a meet, they are given a lollipop.  Coaches hand out the "pops" after practice on Fridays.

Pop Time Awards:  An award will be given for all swimmers that achieve at least 12 “pops” during the season.

County Meet Team
All swimmers achieving a gold time (the time which qualifies a swimmer to swim in the County Swim Meet in August following League Championships) in any event at any meet during the season will receive a Las Trampas gold County cap.  Each swimmer will also be recognized at the pool on the Team Bulletin Board.  If a swimmer swims in a relay at the County Swim Meet, they will earn a County Relay Cap.

Team Records
The official Las Trampas Team & Pool Records are displayed on a record board at the pool. These records are based on sanctioned events of the Diablo Community Swim League.


Swimmer of the Week
During the Summer swim team season, the coaches will select swimmers as the “Swimmer of the Week.” They will receive a gift of recognition and have their name added to the Team Bulletin Board. The swimmer(s) will be chosen based on attendance, listening, improvement, attitude and effort.