We Have Moved to a New Website!

We're happy to announce that this winter we are moving to a new website and new swim team software. Please check us out at springwoodswim.swimtopia.com.

All 2023 season infromation and registration will be posted on our new website.

Meet Conduct & Guidelines for Swimmer success at Meets

Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines to maximize swimmer performance and promote team spirit!

  • Parents and swimmers should be completely familiar with the meet conduct guidelines.

  • Get to the meet early for better warm-up conditions. The coaches have specific and routine team warm-ups that benefit race performance.

  • Stay close to the team area  

  • or cheer at the side of the pool. Team unity is very important - our league gives an award at the end of the season for Sportsmanship, which is based on our entire season. If a coach cannot find you for a race, you will miss the chance to compete and your hard work will be in vain.

  • Bring/purchase snacks at meets. Food should be easily digestible and hydration is essential for good swims. Avoid heavy, processed and greasy foods at meets; fruits and vegetables, water and Gatorade are recommended.

  • Always wear some type of sandal or shoe. Bare feet lead to stubbed toes, hurt feet, fungus and other general problems.

  • For meets with trials and finals, make sure you allow time for proper rest between events.