We Have Moved to a New Website!

We're happy to announce that this winter we are moving to a new website and new swim team software. Please check us out at springwoodswim.swimtopia.com.

All 2023 season infromation and registration will be posted on our new website.


Parent Participation and Responsibilities

The reason we are all here is for the benefit of our kids; they are the heart of the team. However, it is the parents that keep it going. It takes 35-40 parents to run a dual meet.

All parents share the responsibility of putting on a successful meet with another team. Home meets require a greater number of our parents while away meets require fewer parents. This is because the hosting team provides a snack shack as well as most of the skilled positions such as the starter or referee, etc. Most of the common assigned positions for parents are very easy. Many of the positions afford you a birds-eye view of the meet and the opportunity to meet other parents and to get to know the other swimmers on the team. All families will be asked at registration to sign up for a predetermined number of meets to work at for the season. Training and instruction for these assignments will be given at the beginning of the season during the pot-luck dinner.

It is very important to show up for your work assignments on time. The bottom line is that unless all the deck positions are filled (timers, recorders, runners, etc.) the meet cannot start. If, once a schedule is distributed, you cannot make it due to other commitments please find a replacement for your work assignment-finding a replacement is your responsibility. Work schedules will have “Alternate/Relief” positions assigned. It will help the meet run smoothly if you could contact one of these parents in advance and perhaps trade an assignment with them if unable to attend. Let the Meet Director know well in advance. Always check in with the Meet Director prior to taking your position so your attendance can be confirmed.

Invitational meets: If your child is to participate in an Invitational meet it will usually require a work assignment. That work assignment would usually be posted within a week prior to the Invitational.

Preparing your 8 and Under swimmer Before a Meet: For 8 and Under swimmers, parents MUST write the stroke, heat and lane on the swimmer's right hand (using a Sharpie Pen) prior to starting the meet (see example below). Please use only Sharpie Pens for this.

For Example:

FR 1 – 3
BK 2 – 4
FLY 1 – 2

This example above tells the Shepherds who are helping your children to get to their races, that your swimmer is in (Freestyle,Heat 1, lane 3) and (Back Stroke, Heat 2 lane 4) and (Butterfly, Heat 1, lane 2).