Parent Volunteer Expectations

Family participation in swim team is a mandatory requirement because swim meets are run entirely by volunteers. The volunteer requirement per family is ten (10) points. Points are NOT equivalent to “hours spent”, but rather are weighted in a way that prioritizes essential “on-deck positions”. Households who ONLY have a “Little Orca” swimmer have a reduced requirement to four (4) points.

If this volunteer requirement is not met by the end of the season, Edgebrook may assess a fine of up to $300 per household (equivalent to $30 per unfulfilled point).

Edgebrook aquatics regularly scheduled employees, Midlakes board members and parent representatives, and leadership positions approved by the aquatics committee all receive complete fulfillment of their volunteer requirements for the season.

If your child swims in a post-season meet and we are short volunteers, you will likely be called upon to volunteer even if you have already fulfilled your volunteer requirement for the season.

***Details of how to sign-up on the new site included here***

Any special arrangements for a reduction in household requirements must be IN WRITING (email is OK) and submitted to the Parent Volunteer Coordinator prior to the end of the season.


Making the Volunteer Expectation Work for YOUR Family

  • Volunteer at the meets your child swims. This works for families with experienced swimmers or those who have two parents at the meet so one can volunteer while the other is parenting.
  • Volunteer at a meet your child does NOT swim. You can enjoy volunteering without worrying about your kids missing their events (or missing your kids’ events.)
  • Other people can volunteer on your behalf. Consider bringing a friend, relative, high school babysitter-type, or even another Orca parent who has already met their volunteer commitment. As long as they are willing to work for or with you, it all counts.
  • Commit all your volunteer time to “B Champs”. Set aside your entire Saturday +/- the Friday evening beforehand to do the Edgebrook Orcas proud as we host Division I Championships.
  • “Cash for Points” fundraiser. $20/point or all or part of your 10 points. Some families really struggle to fulfill the volunteer expectations. We are offering you a solution; and while it isn’t an easy out, it is more affordable and “feel good” than being fined up to $30/point at the end of the season. It also serves as an incentive to keep Orca teens involved and spending their time in a safe, fun summertime environment while they work on your behalf and raise funds for the team.


Below is a description of various “on deck” volunteer opportunities. More volunteers are needed for our home meets than for away meets. Post-season positions may be assigned greater point values.

Volunteer Sign-in

Work with meet coordinator to insure ll volunteers have arrived for their positions. Arrive at 3:45; responsibilities completed after 2nd half begins. 2 points
Parking Lot Attendant Arrive 3:45 p.m. and report to the revolving gate; responsibilities completed prior to beginning of the meet. 2 Points
Meet Set Up Arrive 3:30 p.m. and report to the starting blocks area. Remove chairs, set up ropes and flags, timing equipment, etc. 2 Points
Meet Entry Arrive 4:15 p.m. and report to the A-frame “Orca” sign. Hand out "heat sheets" to swimmers listing their events and notify coaches of missing swimmers. 1 Point
Take Down Stay after the meet. Put back chairs, put away ropes and flags, timing equipment, etc. 1 Point
Ribbons Arrive at 7:00 p.m. and report to main conference room. Attach printed labels to ribbons; sort by team. Expect to stay after the meet. 2 Points
Head Timer Timing experience required. Report to Starter by 4:45 p.m. Distribute stop watches, clipboards and pencils, make lane assignments for each half, help orient brand new timers; responsibilities completed after 2nd half begins. (Can sign up as 2nd half timer.) 3 Points


Training at each meet, check-in 5:00 p.m. for 1st half, ~6:30 p.m. for 2nd half.

Timer Operate stop watch and/or electronic timing system plunger, record times.
Event Board Rotate jumbo numbers for each new event.
Card Runner Carry cards from the timers to the data entry group under the tent.


2 points per half 
Announcer Experience required – previously or by shadowing an experienced announcer. Works closely with Starter/Referee to control the flow of the meet. Best seat in the house! 2 Points per Half
Scorekeeper Midlakes Training offered but not required. “In house mentoring” provided. Computerized data entry with electronic timing system. 2 Points per Half
Officials Midlakes Training course required at the beginning of the season. Starter / Referee, Stroke & Turn Judges, Relay Takeoff Judges (1 point) 2 Points per Half