WELCOME FROM THE RED WAVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Welcome swimmers and families! Thank you for choosing to spend your summer with the Red Wave Swim Team. We truly appreciate your support. Working together, we can make this an exciting and positive experience for your child. We rely on our parent volunteers, and would like to welcome you into our organization. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any board member, coach, or veteran “swim parent” for answers. Club information, schedule changes, and updates are listed on our website


MISSION STATEMENT - To provide to as many children as possible affordable access to quality training in competitive-style swimming; to work with each child to achieve his/her full potential as a participant in team aquatics; to foster good sportsmanship and a “team first” attitude through the inspired leadership of parents, coaches, and officials; to promote team aquatics to our local community as a healthy, family-friendly activity; to inspire and instill a lifelong love of swimming in each person who participates in El Campo Red Wave.

PHILOSOPHY - As a sport, swimming is an incredibly demanding skill that tests any athlete’s ability. We give credit where credit is due as much as possible. We ask our athletes to compete at all distances in all strokes as often as possible. Only through this practice can they ultimately experience how rewarding being good in one event at one distance can be. Through this practice they can determine which stroke(s) and distance(s) produce the best results, while also improving their performance of the other strokes.

We hope through this program to give each athlete encouragement, responsibilities, goals and the direction by which to achieve these goals. More often than not, this approach results in a self-motivated, honest, intelligent, mature, and self disciplined athlete. Medals, ribbons, and awards are nice, but often can be deceiving.

An individual’s standard of excellence is determined by self-improvement, self accomplishment and self-determination –- not by the level of competition that happens to be around them that day. We are here to benefit the swimmers and to provide a positive learning experience.


· enhanced swimming ability

· increased endurance

· greater self-esteem and self-confidence

· preparation for competitive swimming

· proper stroke techniques for competitive swimming

· proper techniques for starts, turns, and finishes for competitive swimming