The Eagles at Exeter, at 350 Plaza St. NE in Leesburg, VA began in 1996 and boasts the home of the largest pool in the neighborhood. Each summer our veteran swimmers reunite to share their experiences over the long school year and welcome new faces who become fast friends. When their schedules permit, parents enjoy lounging around the deck to catch up with their friends, too. Our relaxed atmosphere is warm on the coolest of early summer mornings and welcomes families from our Exeter neighborhood and beyond. We range in size from 70 to 110 swimmers, with a maximum of 120. We offer among the lowest registration fees in the league, covering the team t-shirt and swim cap (for the first 90 registrants), the coaches’ salaries, league insurance, and end-of-season awards and banquet expenses. 


Practice sessions last one hour, five times a week after school begins. The eight swim meets are held on Wednesday evenings or Saturday morning; four are usually at our home pool and four are usually at pools located roughly 30 minutes away. Each meet lasts between about 3 and 4 hours, depending on many factors including team size. As swim meets are run 100% by volunteers, we ask for a 15-hour commitment throughout the season.

For safety reasons, swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool (25m) to particpate on the team.



  • Manager -
  • Assistant Manager -
  • Team Rep - John Thomas
  • Treasurer - Grace & David Steckler, Terri Homa
  • Concessions Coordinator- Terri Homa
  • Volunteer Coordinator- Heather Thomas
  • Spirit Wear Procurement- Samantha Herring
  • Computer Operator- Margaret Probst
  • Banquet Coordinator- Samantha Herring
  • HOA Liaison(s)- Theresa Barthel
  • Sponsorship Coordinator- Alex Miller


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