2021 Volunteer Information

Dear Swim Team families,

It’s time to volunteer for the 2021 Stingray swim team season! It takes 40+ volunteers to run each home meet and 30+ volunteers to run each away meet.  This year we are requiring that each family volunteer at TBD meets (TBD hours) throughout the regular season, this does not include end-of-season meets (Divisional/All Star). Volunteer job sign-ups are available on the website at each meet and will be posted one week prior to the event.   If your family does not fulfill your volunteer obligations, then your family will not be eligible to return the next summer season.    

To review the position descriptions, please click on this link. LIST OF VOLUNTEER POSITIONS
Stroke and Turn Judges, Referee, and Starters require certification.  There will be a certification class held through the league in May.  Please see the website for more details when class times are posted. 

If you sign up for a job and then need to change it, please be sure to remove your registration so the job frees up for someone else.  If the job postings have closed, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

With your enthusiasm and cooperation, this will be a great season for our swimmers! Let’s make it run smoothly!

Jennie Hill/Jenn Tribino, Volunteer Coordinators