Head Coach: JJ Bean

J.J. has served as the head coach of the Fairview Swim Team since 1981. With his knowledge of swimming and his master’s degree in sports psychology, J.J. has a unique ability to connect with swimmers and motivate them to make the most of their abilities in and out of the pool. While he is a master stroke technician with an exhaustive list of accomplished swimmers with whom he has worked, he gets as much enjoyment helping a kid learn to cross the pool for the first time as he does preparing an advanced swimmer for the highest level of competition.


Alissa Hansen, Assistant Coach

Alissa started her swimming career on her summer swim team and continued to swim competitively through high school. She attended the University of Virginia and was a member of the Women’s Rowing team and graduated with a Masters in Teaching. While attending UVA, Alissa coached in the JSL for four seasons. She then taught special education in Charlottesville City before switching careers to be a full-time mom of 3
Currently, Alissa is an assistant teacher at the Charlottesville Waldorf School and a dance fitness instructor. She is excited to continue bringing her knowledge and experience of swimming, teaching, coaching, and mom-ing to the FV team. Her favorite part about coaching is watching the youngest members of the team develop their skills and love of the sport.





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