Welcome to the Fairview Seahorse Swim Team!

The Fairview Swim Team competes during the summer season in the Jefferson Swim League. The League is composed of 17 teams from the greater Charlottesville, VA area. During the months of June and July, head-to-head meets are held against other teams in Fairview's division. The league competition culminates in a league-wide two-day swim meet held at the University of Virginia Aquatic and Fitness Center.

Anyone wishing to participate on the Fairview Swim Team must be a Fairview member and or an eligible Fairview employee. Our swim team is open to any child beginning with children in the six and under age group, all the way up to age 18, provided he/she can complete the length of the pool. Per Jefferson Swim League rules, swimmers may participate in JSL swim meets beginning at age 5.

The summer season has practices twice daily. Morning practice emphasizes conditioning and technique. Afternoon practice is for smaller group work on starts, stroke technique, and turns. Please see the Practice Schedule page for practice times by age group.