FSSL Weather Policy for Practices and Meets:

The leagues inclement weather policy is that we practice and compete if it's raining.

In the event that we have thunder/lightning  when your child's practice is scheduled, practices will be cancelled (I'll send an email out as soon as I hear).  If it is thundering/lightening at 8:30, no practice for 9:30, if it's doing the same thing still at 9:30, the 10:30 practice will be canceled as well.  Use your judgment before leaving home.   I know it's hard for some of you to judge when you live outside of the city and the weather can be vastly different from town to town, so if you have a friend in the city, give them a call first.

For meets, if you wake up and it's raining and an email hasn't been sent out, the meet is scheduled to go on as planned and we expect you to be there.  If, while we're at the meet, thunder/lightning starts, we stop the meet for the required time (around 30-45 minutes) to see if we can continue.  If it is raining hard with no thunder/lightning we still go on unless the visibility of the drain in the pool is obstructed.  The stopping of the meet or a postponement, is called by the Pool Operator on Duty, not the Team Reps or coaches.  Do not leave the meet without speaking to Coach Ashley!!!

If we have begun the meet and have to completely stop, here's what happens...  If we have passed the first half of the meet (end of event #34), the two teams have the choice of calling the meet at that point "finished" or (if it's a close one) we can also choose to do a "make up meet" during the week.  If we have not passed the half way point, we will have to schedule a make up day that both teams agree on to complete it.  If that happens, we have to keep our same line up, we cannot add swimmers that we not on the original entries for that meet. 

We will post on Facebook a notice if a cancellation is happening and send out emails through Team Unify and the alternative Distribution list I send from my personal email.  Again, If you have not received an email or you don't see it on Facebook, we expect our swimmers/volunteers to show up.