Non-member recreational pool use policy:

Any persons who are NOT members of the pool may NOT have swimmers, their siblings, or guests swim in the pool during or before/after swim team practice (using the pool as if they are members). This includes jumping in the deep end, wading in the mushroom pool, or ANY use of the pool outside of their practice time in their lane under supervision of a coach. If you are NOT a member of the pool, you are not allowed to swim unless you are a registered paying guest of a member, who is also on site at the time. The guest fee is $5 per swimmer and you must be registered as a guest, sponsored by a member who is present, and pay the fee BEFORE you enter the pool deck.

This is a pool policy supported by your team Board as part of our relationship and agreement with Ridge Swim Club. 

There are a few team sponsored events where swimmers are invited to swim recreationally.  This includes the team socials and banquet. 

Please also be respectful of the space we are taking up on the pool deck while practice occurs during the time that the pool is open (for example,evening practices). Swimmer's belongings should not be placed on chairs and we should generally try to take up as little space as possible on the pool deck, especially refraining from using lounge chairs while the pool is open to members.  Non-member parents are invited to wait in the pool pavilion area as long as there is no formal party being held by a member. 

RSST is one of the few public non-profit swim teams in Maryland where team members do NOT have to be members of the home pool.  That is one of the many things that makes RSST so special.  We kindly ask that you are respectful of this privilege and not disturb our relationship with Ridge Swim Club.