Frequently Asked Questions


1.     Do I have to be able to swim in order to join the team?

Yes, in order to join the team, you must be able to swim the entire length (25 meters) of our pool.  However, doggy paddle counts!


2.     How many swimming strokes do I have to do in order to join the team?

You need to know only one stroke to join the team, and that stroke can be the doggy paddle.


3.     How much time do swimmers need to practice?  Do I need to attend every practice?

There is no minimum practice requirement in order to participate in meets.  We recommend at least one practice per week (one hour).  Some swimmers try to attend practice at least once a day in order to maximize their improvement between meets.


4.     How much volunteering is required of parents?

Each family must volunteer for one half of each meet their kids swim in.  Duration of each assignment is typically one half of a meet.  This requirement can be filled by serving as a timer, officiating, selling concessions, selling apparel, lining up swimmers for events, writing ribbons, or filling any of our other volunteer positions.  Each family must volunteer a minimum of 15 hours over the course of the swim season.  This can include time volunteering at meets and social events.


5.     If we have a family vacation or camp planned during the summer, can our family still join the team?

All families are encouraged to join the team.  We all have activities which require us to miss practices and/or meets.  You can help events and meets flow smoothly, simply by making sure coaches and the Volunteer Coordinator know the periods of time that you will not be present.


6.     What age are team swimmers?

Swimmers must be younger than 19 years old as of June 1st, in order to join the team.  Our team has had swimmers as young as 4 years old in previous years.


7.  Do I have to be a resident of Spring Ridge in order to swim for the Sharks?

Yes.  Due to insurance and ADA requirements, you must reside in the Spring Ridge community.  Proof of residency is required in order to be on the Sharks.  Each swimmer must also present a valid pool pass to enter the pool, including morning practices.