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The Bennington Whales Swim Team is part of the Germantown-Gaithersburg Swim League. The league was formed in 1980 as an ad hoc committee of neighborhood representatives to set a swim team schedule and adopt rules under which the teams would compete. This independent league is meant to remain fun and family-oriented. While the league appreciates and subscribes to the concept of competitiveness in team sports, it emphasizes participation, individual accomplishment, the learning and perfecting of strokes, self-discipline, good sportsmanship, and fair play. 

FOR ADDITIONAL LEAGUE INFO: Gaithersburg Germantown Swim League

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Apparel Fundraiser to Support the Bennington Whales is LIVE!

Click HERE to order your new t-shirts, sweatshirts & more today!! All profits go straight to the team to help get new equipment, software,...

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Sync with On Deck App!

Your swim team account is compatible with the companion On Deck app. You can log into the app using your website login credentials. The...

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